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Why The Millennial Wanderlust Keeps On Burning

Why The Millennial Wanderlust Keeps On Burning

This is a guest post written by Abigail Sabijon.

 why the millennial wanderlust keeps on burning

I’m sure we all keep seeing travel pictures posted by friends and relatives, and most of these active social media users are today’s generation: the Millennials, also known as Gen Y. They are the invincible and empowered individuals born between the 1980s and 2000s. And what‘s so peculiar about this group of young adults? The seemingly unquenchable millennial wanderlust.

Each of us has an emergency fund, but we also have travel savings where we deposit our money with burning hopes of going around the world. Older generations can’t help but wonder: why not invest instead of traveling? Speaking on behalf of other millennials, here a few reasons why:

We Innately Want To Explore

This is perhaps because we feel the world has become smaller and safer to explore across boundaries. Despite everything that’s happening around the globe, we still feel secure in travelling to obscure destinations. Our desire to travel is driven by the desire to conquer new heights and overcome our fears.

Apart from that, we’re also deeply concerned with our identities as individuals. Many of us feel the need to search far and wide to know our callings and who we really are. That’s why traveling is a natural inclination.

We’re Naturally Curious

Underrated travel destinations are gaining popularity thanks to social media, and we’re often the ones who rush to these less-known places. That’s because we’re more curious by nature. We can’t help but wonder why this particular place is not well-known, and we naturally want to discover what gives it life and meaning.

Information from books and magazines no longer satisfies us. We wish to see it with our own eyes. We want to see the place brought to life by locals going about their everyday lives. We wish to savor the distinct flavors and atmosphere only this particular place can give.

We’re Always Reminded of Travels

It could be a bucket list hung at your dresser; travel references to your target destination like pictures, graphs or maps on the wall; videos of alluring places; or just pictures of friends having a great time during their vacation – almost everything reminds us of traveling. People our age share their first-hand knowledge about a place with such enthusiasm, and testimonies here and there ignite the flame within.

We See More to Money Than Meets the Eye

Contrary to public belief, this demographic cohort is actually after the most authentic experience possible. Airbnb’s 2016 study reveals that the Gen Yers are willing to spend more money on genuine experiences rather than buying properties. The money we saved is hard-earned, so we wish to have the most memorable and the most immersive experience possible.

Time flies and we know this all too well. That’s why a millennial’s itinerary is always full of activities that involve interacting with the locals, trekking to famous nature hotspots, savoring breathtaking sights, joining festivals and street dances, and a whole lot more. At the end of the day, we want to be able to contemplate on the beauty and vastness of life.

Places like Tokyo, Paris, China and London are undoubtedly travel staples, but because of the growing connectivity, more and more new places are introduced. These places may prove to be expensive due to their accessibility and distance, but Gen Ys are more than willing to get there. Deep inside we know it’s not free, but it’s something we can’t get anywhere else. The experience of being in a foreign place is something money can never buy.

We Need To

Millennials are perhaps the most passionate generation yet. We prefer jobs where we can utilize our skills and at the same time, pour our hearts out. The reason why most of us easily get burnt out is because of the toxic work environment we’re possibly in. There’s no such thing as a perfect workplace, however, sometimes we just need a break to keep our creative juices flowing and to renew our enthusiasm.

Travelling is about more than extinguishing FOMO – a term coined as an acronym for the fear of missing out – this generation of wanderers longs to be transformed by their trips. Traveling is on our bucket list. It’s a part of soul-searching. It’s seizing the moment.

We Can Always “Bleisure”

Who says we can’t do both business and leisure at the same time? Global Business Travel Association found out that this trend is more common among millennials than in preceding generations. Bleisure is going on a business trip, attending meetings, then roaming around the place afterward. People who do this tend to extend their leave to give more time to exploring a whole new world.

Thanks to this trend, the fear of missing out on work is no longer the case. The millennial wanderer slash work-warrior can juggle responsibility and recreation rather easily thanks to connectivity and technology. With the internet, nothing is impossible for this new breed of traveler.

We Have Time for Everything

Maybe some of us are already raising our families but, for the most part, we want to enjoy our lives while we can. Eventually, we’ll get married, have kids, have high positions, and bigger responsibilities. There will be a shift in our priorities, and traveling for the sake of leisure will no longer be at the top. Being in our 20s and 30s, this may only be the time we have for ourselves.

Each generation has its own inclinations that make it unique from others. I think being passionate about travel tells a lot about our aspirations for a more understanding and culturally tolerant society. That’s why we need to take a time off from the hustle and bustle of adulting and enjoy life the way it should be.

Author’s Bio:

Abigail Sabijon is a blogger and editor of She has been a counselor, trainer and instructor at an international language institute and at a university. Married to a Gen X-er but love rocking each other’s world.

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