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The Only Makeup Brushes You Need

The Only Makeup Brushes You Need

 the only makeup brushes you need

If you believe everything you see on the beauty blogs, you might be under the misimpression that you need multiple jars of makeup brushes to live a complete and fulfilling life. I am here today to debunk that myth and to tell you that you only really need five essential makeup brushes to create a complete look.

When I was sixteen, I invested in a set of high quality makeup brushes and for years I lived with only the five essentials. If you buy good quality products and clean them regularly, there is no reason to clutter your bathroom with non-essentials. If you’re looking to live a more minimalism lifestyle or want to know which few products are worth investing in, here are the only five makeup brushes you need.

1. Foundation Brush

I’m always changing my mind about whether I prefer a kabuki brush or a flat paintbrush-style foundation brush. Kabuki brushes are great for buffing but I do find them harder to clean since they’re so dense. Either way, you only need one of these to use with your favourite liquid foundation.

2. Powder Brush 

One big powder brush is all you need to set that liquid foundation. The same rule also applies if you prefer to use powder only. I like to have one brush that I only ever use for neutral colours and I’ve been a fan of the MAC 150 for years.

3. Contour/Blush Brush

Beauty Gurus may consider this blasphemous, but you can live very happily with just one brush for contour, highlight, and blush. It might not be ideal for makeup artists, but for the everyday minimalist girl on a budget, it’s totally do-able. I like an angled brush that’s a little bit fluffy so I can apply my contour/bronzer/blush/highlight to specific areas of my face and then blend them all in.

4. Eyeshadow Brush 

Similarly to your contour/blush brush, if you’re only going to have one eyeshadow brush, you want to make sure that it can both apply pigment well and blend properly. I’ve found that the trick is to pack on colour with firm dabbing motions and blend softly with the side of the brush.

5. Eyeliner Brush

Finally, you need one good angled eyeliner brush. I like something fine and firm so that I can use it for both liquid liner and powder shadows. If you’re only going to have one liner brush, precision is important. You can always use a Q-tip to smudge it out if you want a smokier look.

Although it’s lovely to have a vast arsenal of beauty tools, it’s not always possible for those who are on a budget or who live in tiny spaces. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options out there, I hope I’ve helped you figure out which makeup brushes are worth the investment when you’re looking to live a minimalist lifestyle. Until I finished my undergrad and had a little more disposable income, I lived very happily with just these five essentials.

What are your essential beauty tools? Do you have any favourite brushes you recommend?

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