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Summer Fashion Trends

Summer Fashion Trends

summer fashion trends

Summer is rushing toward us and it's time to stock up on those warm weather trends. I'm all about saying cool and casual during the hot months without sacrificing my sense of style. Here are some of the hottest fashion trends for summer that will keep you cool until fall. ;)


I love rompers in the summertime because they're so easy to throw on and create a complete outfit with just one piece of clothing. Plus I find then really cool to wear on the really humid summer days and, unlike a sundress, you can still ride your bike without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. 


These are a great formal sandal that can work for both day and night. These are right on trend and I love finding trends that are also comfortable. Since I love walking everywhere when the weather is nice, I'm always happy when a shoes comes into vogue that is easy and comfortable for lots of walking

White Sneakers

Another hot trend in comfortable summer footwear is white sneakers. These are great for every day because they can be paired with just about everything from shorts and t-shirts to rompers and sundresses.

One-piece Bathing Suits

As I get a little older, I find it nice to have an alternative to my usual two-piece bikini. Some days it's nice to have a little more coverage and brands these days are recognizing that one-pieces can be designed to be just as sexy and stylish as a two-piece.


This trend calls up those wholesome summer country vibes, but gingham isn't just for farm girls anymore. Designers are incorporating this classic pattern into everything from skirts to crop-tops, blouses and shoes. 

What are your favourite fashion trends for this summer?

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