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Summer Fashion Essentials

Summer Fashion Essentials

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Now that we’re officially halfway through summer, I’ve discovered the staple wardrobe pieces I can’t live without during the hot summer months. Since I’m always striving for greater and greater levels of minimalism in my closet, I thought I’d share the essential pieces that make up a substantial portion of my summer capsule wardrobe. Without further ado, here are my summer fashion essentials:

T-Shirt Dress

There’s nothing like a cool and comfortable t-shirt dress on a hot summer day. I love how easy they are to throw on and how versatile these simple dresses can be. Some days I dress mine up with jewelry and wedge sandals, while other days I go for a simple pair of summer sneakers and a ponytail.

Denim Skirt

I’m really not a big fan of wearing shorts so a denim skirt is an essential for casual workdays and backyard barbecues. When I’m wearing a short denim skirt, I like one that hits my natural waistline rather than because it feels more adult than the low-rise miniskirts I wore as a teenager.

Tennis Skirt 

Having a casual sporty skirt has become an essential for me this summer because I can go from working on my laptop indoors to playing a quick game of backyard badminton without having to change my outfit. In summer, it’s all about versatility as I take advantage of all the fun summer activities out there.


Having a slightly dressier sundress is a key part of my summer wardrobe. I wear these to everything from weekday meetings with clients to date-nights or cocktails with the girls. I love something with a vintage silhouette because I think a full skirt is much cooler than anything skin-tight

Cropped Pants

For cooler days, a pair of cropped pants is essential. On my body type, I find a pair of skinny Audrey Hepburn-style capris looks best, but wide-leg cropped pants are very much on trend at the moment. Since I don’t like shorts, and am not always in the mood for skirts and dresses, a cropped pant is an essential go-to.

Statement Top

Every season needs a good statement top for nights out on the town. Summer is my favourite season for these types of pieces because it’s hot enough to wear something off-the-shoulder, backless, or with intricate cut-outs. This season is the best for experimenting with something a little sexier.

There you have it, my six essential wardrobe staples! I’ll confess that a good supply of basic t-shirts is also a crucial cornerstone of my summer wardrobe, but I didn’t think that waxing on about the glory of the plain-white-tee would be particularly interesting!

What are you summer wardrobe essentials?

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