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Packing Tips For The Frequent Flyer

Packing Tips For The Frequent Flyer

I tend to travel a bit more than the average person, but next month will break all my personal records. I'm going on three separate trips with just a three-day turn around between each one. I've definitely travelled to further destinations for much longer periods of time, but I've never had so much back-and-forth in a single month with such quick turn arounds. This means that I'll have to pack, unpack, and re-pack three times in three weeks! To save my sanity, I've started brainstorming some tips and tricks to make the whole adventure go a lot smoother. Here are my packing tips for the frequent flyer.

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Make ONE Packing List

Instead of going through the process of remembering what I need to pack for every trip, I'm going to make one big master packing list to refer back to each time. (This is where a Bullet Journal comes in handy!) I'm going to take a bit of extra time over the next week to compile the ultimate packing list in advance and I'm going to include three checkboxes for each item, one per trip. This way I can refer to the same list for each of my three trips and I won't have to worry that I've forgotten something important.

Keep Travel Toiletries Packed

I'm also going to invest a little upfront time decanting my face wash, moisturizer, etc. into little travel bottles. I figure that a little extra time upfront setting up the perfect travel toiletry bag will save me a lot of stress in the long run. This way, I can keep my full-size products at home and leave my travel bag with its miniature toiletries packed at all times. Again, it's all about making sure I don't leave something behind in all the back-and-forth. I also have enough miniature versions of my favourite makeup products that I can leave a travel makeup bag packed as well.

Be A Minimalist

There's nothing like schlepping to and from the airport over and over again to turn a person into a minimalist. By packing light, not only will I be saving time with each trip-prep, I'll also be cutting down on the amount of laundry I have to do in my short turn-arounds between trips. By keeping my necessities to a minimum, I hope to limit some of the stress of packing.

Recycle Your Wardrobe

My trips are all family-related so they'll require similar styles of wardrobe. If you're travelling a lot for work, chances are you're in the same boat clothing-wise. I plan to cut-down on any overthinking and pack a similar roster of staples for each trip. This way, during my turn around time, I'll be able to simply swap a dirty cardigan out for a clean one and replace one pair of jeans with another instead of trying to plan a whole new set out outfits. By recreating similar outfits with fresh sets of clothes, I don't have to think about restyling myself every time I have to pack.

Putting this list together has made me feel way less stressed about my upcoming packing challenges! As much as I love to travel, I always find packing more stressful than it should be. This time around, I feel like I've got a good system in place to make sure I don't forget anything important or spend too much time staring at my closet wondering what to take.

What are your best packing tips? Do you have any upcoming trips planned?

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