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Incorporating Minimalism into Your Fashion Style

Incorporating Minimalism into Your Fashion Style

This is a guest post by Sophia Smith.


A classic, neutral, monochromatic colour scheme along with simple silhouettes is the main principle of minimalism. The lack of prints and patterns may seem boring at first, but if you know how to accessorize and embellish your one-toned outfit, the final result doesn’t have to look plain at all. It’s all about simplicity, comfortable and breezy fabrics that give off that classic and timeless elegance. If you’re a fashion lover who prefers being sophisticated and chic, check out the best ways to incorporate minimalism into your fashion style.

Layer it up

Layer it up.jpg

Even though you’d usually wear jackets, blazers, and coats as the last layer, they can just as easily act as a middle layer in your minimalist outfit. Match a pair of ripped jeans with a pair of black patent pumps, throw a black leather jacket over your favourite white or black t-shirt, and finish the entire ensemble with an oversized grey or beige coat. Should you go for a darker colour, consider matching a dark grey dress with a black leather jacket, and layer it under an oversized dark grey coat. Embellish the outfit with a dark scarf and wear light grey or beige footwear to add a bit of balance to darker tones.

A nice and practical way to achieve a minimalist look is to layer knits on knits. The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to use too many heavy pieces, but have only one item in a heavier fabric and the other knitwear should be lighter. Different knit lengths and colours are also a good choice, as long as the layers are nicely separated.

Use various textures

Use various textures.jpg

We’ve mentioned that minimalism is all about sticking to a neutral, simple colour palette, which very often includes black on black, white on white, grey on grey etc. While those looks can appear incredibly slick and stylish, you’ll need to add some depth with different textures and fabrics so the entire ensemble doesn’t look overwhelming or flat. A good way to do this is to mix heavy with softer textures, so throw on a chunky black wool sweater over a black shirt, and a pair of black leather pants.

For a flawless white on white combo, think about incorporating comfortable trendy dresses into your chic look. Layer up a silk dress under a creamy white blazer and pair it with camel boots and a grey satchel. Inserting a different texture as the mid-layer is also a trick that’ll prevent your minimalist look from losing dimension. Light grey capri pants in combination with a long grey silk blouse will look amazing if you throw on an oversized cotton top and a warm coat.

A white shirt always works

A white shirt always works.jpg

If you’ve decided to wear your favourite camel pantsuit, but you can’t decide what to layer under it, a white t-shirt is a safe choice. It’s also a great piece of clothing to go under a black wool sweater that you’ve layered under your black coat and matched with black leather pants and black moccasins. Pair your favourite camel trench coat with a beige mini skirt and white t-shirt. Add a pair of beige pumps and an oversized brown bag and you’ll look like a true fashion icon.

Play with contrasts

Play with contrasts.jpg

To avoid looking too plain in only one colour palette, experiment with accessories and break up the simple colour scheme with contrasting hues. If you’ve opted for a white wrap dress, that’s a huge hit this season (especially a silk one that perfectly hugs your curves), and decided to match the dress with white heels, wear a black clutch and a pair of black sunglasses to bring out the true elegance in you.

For a slightly bolder ensemble, you can choose orange or yellow heels to match your black dress, but make sure you have the bag in the same shade so you can keep the minimalist look. Belts, necklaces, bracelets, and hats that contrast grey, black or white nicely can also be considered part of your minimalist style.

Work the sleeves

Work the sleeves.jpg

Folding or rolling up your sleeves is a great way to add dimension to your minimalist outfit. Think about layering a long sleeve sweater under a shorter sleeved coat and roll the sleeves up to show off the enticing texture. Also, a white blouse with long sleeves wider at the wrist will help you add layering flair to your outfit if you let the sleeves out under a long navy blue blazer. 

Final thoughts

Just because minimalism involves neutral and simple shades, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look fabulous. All you need to do is play around with layers, textures and create a little balance with contrasting shades, and you’ll rock the minimalist style flawlessly.

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