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How To Get The Most Out Of The #100HappyDays Challenge

How To Get The Most Out Of The #100HappyDays Challenge

This post is in collaboration with Thomas Allen & Son.

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Right around the time that I was planning my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018, Thomas Allen & Son generously gifted me a very apropos book called Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? Happiness is something I think we all strive for, but I also believe it’s important to stop thinking about happiness as a destination. Instead, I believe in thinking about it as a state of being we can try to adopt every day. This book fits in perfectly with that philosophy and motivates readers with the #100HappyDays Challenge.

The #100HappyDays Challenge is simple, all you have to do is strive to be happy for 100 days in a row. With the help of this book, you’ll find this challenge simpler than ever since it offers 100 ways you can find happiness in your current everyday life. This isn’t about quitting or job and moving to a tropical island, this is about recognizing the potential for happiness that already exists in your life.

There are lots of different ways you can tackle this challenge so if you feel it’s time to kick-start your happiness quotient, here’s how to get the most out of the #100HappyDays Challenge.

Find A Buddy

Challenges are always more fun when you’ve got someone to share them with. Partner up with a friend so you can keep each other motivated and share your happy moments with each other. If you’ve live with family or roommates, make it a habit for each person to share a happy moment from their day around the dinner table. A little ritual like this is a great way to start recognizing the happiness that already exists in your life. If you’re more comfortable with a virtual community, use the hashtag #100HappyDays to find support and likeminded new friends. 

Use A Resource

Sometimes we become so used to our routines and daily habits that it can be hard to make the changes we want. That’s why I love the idea of having a resource like the book Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? This book has 100 different ways that you can spark happiness in your life. Some are incredibly simple and can be implemented right away, while others push you to try something new and perhaps step outside your comfort zone. The beauty of this book is that you don’t have to do every single thing it suggests. You can try to do all 100 ideas, or you can pick one you really like and repeat it for 100 days. Having a resource like this can help launch you out of a happiness rut.

Take the Pressure Off

Remember that this challenge is about being happy so don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t feel that you have to overhaul your life and don’t get discouraged if you slip up. This is a challenge that’s supposed to be fun and bring more joy to your life. Looking at it as a positive experience that you want to undertake is key. If it helps to take the pressure of, think of this less as a challenge and more as a fun life experience.

Don’t Give Up

Let’s be real: this might be hard, you might forget about it, or you may even have a gloomy day that you just can’t shake. It happens, but don’t give up! Who really cares if you make it all 100 days in a row? That’s not what’s really important here. What’s most important is that you bring more happiness into your life overall and learn to recognize the happiness that’s already there. Have a bad day? Who cares. Just start being happy again tomorrow and don’t waste time worrying about it. To get the most out of this challenge, you simply need to keep going, even if you have a bad day or two in the process.

Reading through Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? has really got me feeling very positive about the new year. Do you think you’ll be taking on this challenge? What are some ways that you find happiness in everyday life? 

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