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From The Inside Out: The Holistic Beautification Approach

From The Inside Out: The Holistic Beautification Approach

This is a guest post written by Abigail Sabijon.


A lot has been said about beauty and attaining beauty. Consequently, being beautiful is now often equated with unrealistic standards, Photoshop, strict diets, stick-like figures... and the list goes on. These trivial expectations from women have sparked debates all over the world, especially in Western countries where practices often get extreme. Thankfully, many are opposing the extremes through empowerment and holistic approaches to self-love and confidence to give you the glow without the pain.

Get Lots of Wonder Foods

From eggs to apple cider vinegar, today’s super foods are incredibly easy to find.  These foods loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are a must-have in your diet as they work wonders on your immune system, digestion and mood! In addition, studies continue to discover properties that can help prevent and fight cancer with these mouth-watering goodies.

Tomato sauce is oozing with lycopene which is responsible for a youthful glow in your skin. Not only will tomatoes make you look young and healthy, they will also keep your heart fit, reducing the risk of heart attack by 34%. Another well-known wonder is the acai berry. This South and Central American native is rich in antioxidants. Furthermore, edamame beans may look like any other vegetable but they’re actually rich in fiber, folate and phytosterols. There’s a lot to choose from, so you’ll surely enjoy trying all of them and eventually make them a part of your everyday meal.

Get Enough Exercise


Allow me to reiterate the proven benefits of exercising. The body produces much-needed chemicals when breaking a sweat at the gym or when jogging at the nearest park. Norepinephrine moderates our brain’s response to stress. The happy hormones, endorphins, and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) contribute to emotional satisfaction, faster learning ability, and better memory.

Exercising is one of the best ways to produce these essentials to maintain our emotional and psychological well-being. When we move a lot, we expel toxins through sweating. Furthermore, it strengthens the lungs, the heart and the rest of our organs, and keeps dreaded lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer at bay.

What happens then, when your internal organs and chemical reactions are boosted by exercise? Of course, it’ll show through your glowing skin, reduced cellulite, healthier locks and a stronger immune system. 

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Get Enough Meditation Sessions

Mindfulness is a growing meditative practice. We’re bombarded with stress and pollution on a daily basis, so our bodies need to de-stress after a long day. Being mindful of the body and mind’s needs to unwind is the least we can do towards wellness. All our burdens lead us to think about the past and fear the future, but what we really need is to be focused on the present. That’s what mindfulness-based stress management does.

Meditation has a profound impact on the individual, as people need an avenue where they can release all those negative thoughts and emotions incurred throughout the day. Aside from its benefits in stabilizing our blood pressure and improving our brain performance, this has long been credited to slow down aging.

Get Enough Sleep

A recent study which aimed to find some patterns on sleep found out that a whopping 79% of Americans sleep less than the recommended seven to eight hours. The most that they can attain is six hours. The culprits? Excessive fatigue, taking too long to fall asleep, and waking up in the middle the night are reportedly the most common reasons for not getting enough rest.

Another survey was carried out by Karolinska Institute in Sweden on the relationship of sleep and attractiveness. Students who were forced to get only four hours of sleep were rated by strangers according to attractiveness, health, sleepiness, and trustworthiness. It turns out that the respondents wouldn’t want to hang out with sleep-deprived people as they’re perceived to be ill, whereas those who look energetic and fit hold lots of appeal.

Approaches to getting enough beauty sleep vary due to the different lifestyles people adopt. There’s even a slant towards quality slumber by determining your “sleep tribe.” This is called the chronotype: lion, bear, wolf and dolphin. Dr. Michael Breus (aka the Sleep Doctor) came up with this concept with hopes of helping people get enough quality sleep every day. His system uses personality types to determine the best time of day to do particular activities, including sleeping.

Get Lots of Love

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Get lots of love and positivity from yourself and from those who sincerely care for you. Nothing beats the feeling of being loved unconditionally. It’s still best to spend quality time with your family, catch up with old friends, and perhaps let bygones be bygones and make friends with your “enemies.” Last but not the least, enjoy your every curve and edge, advocating body positivity and self-love in your own right.

Get Lots of Positivity

When we’ve adopted the above-mentioned activities into our lifestyle, the last thing we need to get the desired state of well-being is positivity. That is, the ability to look at yourself in the mirror, the people around you, and the state you’re in, all in a positive perspective.

Laugh more and love more. Enjoy the company of people who build up others. Stay away from those who tear others down, but not to the point of excluding them from your circle. They could still need some of your positivity in their lives.

Just like any other beauty regimen, these lifestyle changes need to be developed as a habit. Though unlike extreme practices, the effects don’t take place overnight. The difference is that you’re dealing with beauty from the core. Adopting this lifestyle may prove difficult at first but it will surely stick when done right. The holistic approach to being beautiful shouldn’t be perceived as trivial and ambitious, as being attractive and stunning is just a manifestation of a commitment to healthy living, radiating from the inside out.

Author’s Bio:

Abigail Sabijon is a blogger and editor of She has been a counselor, trainer and instructor at an international language institute and at a university. Married to a Gen X-er but love rocking each other’s world.

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