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DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas You'll Love

DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas You'll Love


I don't know about you, but gift wrapping is part of the fun of Christmas giving for me. I see gift wrapping as another way where I can find a creative outlet and experiment with colours, patterns, ribbons, and calligraphy. In the past, I've always bought wrapping paper and found creativity in the ribbons, bows, and hand lettering. But this year I want to take it a step further and explore some more complex DIY gift wrapping ideas. If you're looking to take your creativity up a notch this holiday season, here is a roundup of some of my favourite DIY techniques for your holiday wrapping.


Attach Greenery

Adding a spring of seasonal greenery and a pinecone or two is a simple and beautiful way to add visual interest to your holiday wrapping. This idea works well with neutral coloured paper or craft paper for a rustic feel.


Have Fun With Stamps

Hand-stamping is a fun way to personalize your wrapping paper and can work on fabric bags as well. Hand-stamped bags like the ones pictured are also great because they're reusable and environmentally friendly. Pick up some stamps at a local craft store or make your own out of a potato like you did in kindergarten!


Decorate With Washi Tape

Washi tape is a fun and easy way to add colour and patterns to plain wrapping paper. You can cut it to any size and stick it right on your wrapped gift until you get the finished pattern you want. I particularly like the idea of using washi to make decorative flags for a custom garland.


Add An Ornament

Adding an ornament or bauble is a cute way to decorate your gift wrapping and add a little extra present into the bundle. Next year your friends will be able to hang that ornament on their tree and will remember the joys of Christmases past.


Collage With Lace

Pick up some simple paper lace doilies from the dollar store or craft store and use them as appliqué on your gifts. Wrap your present in plain paper first and apply the doilies on the wrapped package so you can get the perfect placement. I think this would also be really pretty for a bridal shower gift.


Add Origami 

If you're really into your paper crafting you can use origami paper to create 3D decorations for your gifts. This is fun to do with kids since a lot of the folding can be done in simple versions and there are lots of basic origami tutorials online. 

Which of these gift wrapping ideas is your favourite? Do you have any other idea for how to customize your holiday wrapping?

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