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Decorating With Natural Elements: 5 Ways to Bring The Outdoors In

Decorating With Natural Elements: 5 Ways to Bring The Outdoors In

This is a guest post by Sophia Smith.


Adding natural touches to interiors is a huge trend that’s been going strong for years. But why are people rushing to mix indoor spaces with the outdoors all of a sudden? Well, besides the fact that it looks amazing, natural and organic elements can boost our health and help reduce the carbon footprint of your home. So, here’s how you too can jump on board the green design trend and fill your home with nature.

Plants as the First Choice

Plants as the first choice.jpg

The easiest and most effective way to welcome the outdoors inside is to get a few planters and fill them with some greenery. The best thing about plants is that you can go as small or as big as you want, and they’ll still clean out your air, positively affect your mood and add a pop of colour to your space! There are huge indoor plants that will turn your place into a cozy indoor jungle, but there are also small plants that pack a big punch. Succulents and cactuses can be tiny and super cute, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces. If you want something both pretty and useful, opt for a herb garden. It will enrich your meals and fill your space with natural aromas. Plant your flora of choice in a designer planter and you’ll have an eco-friendly home full of style!

Unity of Water and Fire

If you want to treat your eyes to a relaxing spectacle every day, you should introduce the elements of water and fire into your home! Today, there are super practical indoor fountains that require minimal space and maintenance while giving you all the natural water sounds and visual flow. As a counterweight to water, you can use fire to warm up your interior and bring some romance into the space. You can go very modern with your fireplace or opt for something more traditional – whichever design better fits your space!

Welcome Natural Materials

Welcome natural materials.jpg

Natural materials have a vibe to them that can’t be replicated with plastics or polyester no matter how much you try. So, consider adding a few organic design elements to your rooms. Wood and stone create a beautiful contrast between soft and sturdy, and they’ll fill your home with timeless elegance. For instance, reclaimed wooden floors and natural stone counters are both eco-friendly and stylish! For an extra touch of warmth, cover your floors with a sturdy jute rug with natural colour and interesting texture. A piece like that is perfect when used both as a single rug, and when layered with other materials. Plus, it’s durable and will look great in any room, including your bathroom and kitchen.

Go Nature Shopping

Sometimes, if you want to add a few natural elements to your home, all you have to do is go out, look around and let nature treat you with some organic decoration! For instance, driftwood often has really interesting shapes and colours and can serve as a stylish shelf décor, a table centrepiece or even bookends. And if you live by the ocean, you can expect to find all sorts of shells, corals and starfish that have a very fresh, beach house vibe even if repainted. For a more moody and eccentric feel, search the woods for discarded antlers or even animal bones and skulls. These have a very rustic appeal, but look amazing when juxtaposed against modern aesthetics. Nature always provides as long as you try to be sustainable!

Let the Fresh Air Inside

Let the fresh air inside.jpg

If all of these home improvement ideas seem too complicated and hard to achieve, don’t worry. The easiest way to let some nature inside is to draw back your curtains and open your windows! Adjust your windows to let plenty of sunlight in, and move all bulky furniture pieces that block the natural light from entering your home. The mixture of fresh air, sunlight and beautiful natural views will blur the line between your indoor and outdoor space quite effectively.

As you can see, you don’t have to give up any of your modern comforts in order to make space for nature in your home. These simple yet effective design ideas are all you need to create a living space full of organic elements and fresh, natural vibes!

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