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Creative Ways To Express Yourself Through Fashion

Creative Ways To Express Yourself Through Fashion

This is a guest post written by Cassie Brewer.


What is the best way to express yourself through fashion?

People have been asking this for thousands of years, and styles fall in and out of popularity. Individuals also have personal likes and dislikes, so something that might be in fashion still won’t be worn by everyone and something that is “out of style” might still be worn. What to wear is one of the most perplexing questions of our era, yet we ask it to our mirrors every day.

What we wear also says something to everyone about ourselves. It shows people who we are and what we value. So we always express ourselves through fashion. The question is, what do you want to express?

Read on for tips on how to express yourself through fashion creatively.

Style Personality

The most important thing you need to do to express yourself through fashion is match it to your personality so you feel confident. Forget what other people tell you about what you should wear, and that includes what’s “in.” If you are not wearing what is most comfortable for you, then you will never really look great in your clothes. If you prefer styles that conflict with your needs, such as someone who prefers shorts and tee-shirts but needs to wear business clothing, you can work this out by examining what you like about the clothes that make you comfortable, and selecting styles that go with your personality.

Accessories and Jewelry

In a world of uniforms and dress codes, often you are stuck with what your boss tells you that you can wear, but that don’t let that limit you from being creative. Where allowed, jewelry can make the fashion statement that your clothes can’t. The right earrings or necklace can send the message about yourself you want, especially if you study up on your gemstone meanings or birthstone. If jewelry is also out of the question, you can express yourself with other accessories. Women can do many things with their hair, and everyone can accessories with belts, socks, or even signature scents. 

Pieces That Go With Everything

One thing that makes expressing yourself with fashion a lot easier is having a few favorites that you can wear in any situation. Often, these are classics that have become iconic, such as a style of shoes, facial hair, or jewelry. For example, loafers, pearl necklaces, and ponytails all express different things about their wearers, but are so commonly worn that they compliment a variety of styles.

Colour Makes the Mood

Believe it or not, your clothes can both reflect and affect your mood. Ever notice that when you are feeling down, you might dress in darker colours or baggier clothes? Happy people find the items in their wardrobe that have a little more flair, and professionals often boost their perception  by dressing to seem serious and authoritative. Choose colours that will keep you uplifted and feeling confident to let the real you shine through.

Fashion That Makes a Statement

Some people buy clothing brands because the company supports a cause they believe in, such as sustainability or fair trade. Expressing your passion for these causes can be as simple as putting on your favourite shirt or wearing your brand’s logo. Many people also buy handmade or ethnic jewelry to celebrate their heritage. Buying online has made it easy for small entrepreneurs to sell goods like these, and the purchase supports individuals, rather than corporations.

Make Stuff

When it comes to creativity, the best way to handle things is to do it yourself. Take some classes and learn to make your own stuff, from clothing to accessories, jewelry, and even shoes (yes, you can learn that!). In fact, there are tons of kits and patterns out there where you can make things at home. There are also a lot of fun skills you can learn along the way, such as leather-stamping, sewing, knitting, embroidery, and metal-working. None of these are difficult; they just take time and practice. With only your own creativity to limit you, you can express yourself best with your own ideas!

We have magazines and celebrities we look to for fashion advice, but in the end, expressing ourselves is all about making our own choices. We are all unique, and each of us can only show it our own way. Using the above tips, you can find your way, and use your personal style to tell the world about you!

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