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Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers

This is a guest post written by Sophia Smith.


Don’t we all just adore travelling? Exploring new places and admiring their beauty is so fulfilling that we can feed on the feeling. Of course, being surrounded by all that beauty makes you want to live up to the surroundings and look stunning yourself. Unfortunately, we can’t really be at our best due to the limited space in our suitcase. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t compromise and get creative. That’s why you should focus on makeup in small containers which achieve a great effect while keeping it simple.

So, let’s try and finds the best way to optimize the situation.

Anti-bacterial gel

All the things we touch throughout our trip are full of bacteria. However, we can bring an anti-bacterial gel wherever we go and always be prepared for unexpected dirt or bacteria. Cleanliness definitely is beauty, so don’t ignore this one.


As we already mentioned, there’s no beauty without clean and clear skin, so a tonic, cleansing milk, or micellar water are a necessity for traveling, as well as for everyday life. This will help you get rid of the dead skin on your face, as well as clean your pores thoroughly. You can also use it as a makeup remover and be a real space-saver! Try to leave your face cream at home as well and instead use a hydrating cleansing milk or a tonic.

Carry-On Travel Essentials for Beauty Lovers.jpg


Of course, every lady needs a small mirror to fix her makeup or just admire her look.  The cool thing is that you can get a custom compact mirror at Say It With Polish and have it engraved with a sentence or a mantra that means a lot to you, and you can choose the colour and font as well.

Makeup kit

A small makeup kit can always fit in your bag. It doesn’t need much, just tiny containers of the usuals. That means a small foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick will suffice. Don’t exaggerate but try to choose one shade of everything that is as neutral as possible or one you’re sure will match all your outfits.

Makeup kit.jpg

Dry shampoo

A dry shampoo is one of your best travel buddies. Since you’ll be very busy, your showering time may be limited or even omitted. A dry shampoo will do the trick to keep your volume high and your hair looking fresh and clean. It’s a great cheat and a huge worry off your back. Now you can safely be photographed by whoever and enjoy seeing the photos you’re tagged in on Facebook.

Stick deodorant

A stick deodorant and a razor should also be in your bag in case your trip extends and you need to shave. Regardless of how close you may be with someone, it’s something that never needs to be shared with others. So, when you can’t wash up, use a bit of water and toilet paper, then a stick deodorant to keep you fresh. It’s not as good as a shower, but it’s quite a pleasant alternative.

Basically, you don’t need to give up anything to be pretty during trips. You simply need better organization and a bit of creativity. Think about ways to beautify yourself without too much effort or suitcase space. Once you can compromise between pretty and practical, you’ll be able to master the art of having it all on a trip.

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