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6 Winning Ways to Balance Work and Play Throughout the Week

6 Winning Ways to Balance Work and Play Throughout the Week

This is a guest post by Mianna Korben.

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If you are a working professional, you know that there is a lot of demand to keep working non-stop, otherwise someone else who “wants the job more,” might take your place. However, if you give in to this pressure, you will most definitely burn out. You need to find time for everything that is important in your life — not just your job. Think about it. If you take family, friends, and fun out of the equation, then what exactly are you working so hard for? It’s important to remember that true success lies in the balance of work and play. Here are 6 things you can incorporate both into your week to find that healthy balance.

Say No

Set some boundaries. Both your professional and your private life require you to say “no” sometimes. It’s okay to reject business opportunities if they won’t make you happy, just like it’s okay to say no drinks with friends if what would make you most happy is to cuddle up at home next to a warm cup of tea and nothing else. You need some alone time to take care of yourself as well.

Trust Others to Do Their Job

Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to do everything. Instead, spread out your responsibilities. Successful people have a network of other like-minded individuals so that when times get hard, they can rely on their circle of friends and business associates to help out. Build your own network and make the most of it. Once you do enlist outside help, you need to learn to let go and trust that others can do the job they are assigned. Relax a little. Take that opportunity to enjoy a drink. Who knows? You might even end up networking at the bar.

Create a Meal Plan

When you are busy being chained to your desk, one of the first things to go out the window is a proper meal. If you want to have a successful week, and a successful life, you cannot allow lack of time to take a toll on your body. It is understandable that you’d rather be focused on your project than on cooking, but that doesn’t have to be an excuse. You can still make good choices if you plan ahead and order healthy meals for the entire week. There are companies that will let you choose from a custom-made menu of fresh and nutritious meals, and then deliver them to your door each day of the week. You won’t have to waste a second on cooking or shopping for food, but you will be able to maintain a healthy diet free of any junk.

Take a Minute

No matter how hectic your week looks, you are allowed a get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of five minutes to yourself. It is absolutely acceptable to take five minutes not to answer any calls, not to think about anything, just to breathe. The simple act of turning inwards for a moment can generate major positive changes in your mood and your whole week. So take a walk and clear your mind. Eventually, you might even find time for 30 whole minutes of complete peace.

Let Money Motivate You

Money is already a great motivator at work, so try to let it do the same for you when it comes to play. If you have a difficult time choosing to have fun over working all night, putting some money on the line might just do the trick. Paying for something could almost force you to show up at the activity just as you do at your job. Sign up for a wine tasting or book a luxury spa weekend — so luxury you won’t want to cancel. Purchase an entire course of salsa lessons. Buy tickets a concert or a play. Sometimes we need a little extra nudge before we get used to relaxing.

Involve the Family

To top off your successful week, don’t forget to exercise. Trying to find the time to be physically active on top of your already hectic lifestyle can be quite hard. Try to multitask and combine your family time with a bit of workout. Look for ways to organize family hikes, bike rides, and sports games. You can even let the kids suggest some creative options and then everybody is happy.


Building a career is extremely important but so is having fun -- otherwise we’d all go crazy. Hopefully this will encourage you to consider what truly matters and find a healthy balance between work and life in order to succeed.

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