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Back To School For Adults

Back To School For Adults


Every year around this time I feel especially grateful to be an adult. Although I had a wonderful childhood and enjoyed school, there's nothing better than knowing you've escaped that dreaded "back-to-school" feeling. Sure I have bills and rent to worry about now, but that's nothing compared to the freedom of sitting out on my balcony on a September Monday and working away on my laptop instead of being shut inside a classroom, trying not to cry over a math problem. 

Still, I like to stop and celebrate back to school every year in my own adult way. The changing seasons are a great opportunity to reflect on the year so far and re-establish your goals. However, back to school is also a great time to celebrate the best aspects of being an adult. Here's how I like to celebrate back to school every year.

Eat Junk Food For Breakfast

You don't need to worry about nutrients now that you aren't occupied with learning all day! Celebrate the fact that you're a grownup and no one can tell you what to eat anymore. Some of my favourite breakfast junk foods are all-dressed potato chips, pie of any kind, and chocolate cake.

Host A Party... On A School Night

Ask your girlfriends over to celebrate wine Wednesday or throw an end-of-season BBQ on a Thursday night. Fulfill your childhood dreams of staying up late on a weeknight and enjoy the freedom of being able to make bad choices.

Play Hooky 

Remember those childhood fantasies of ditching school and spending all day playing outside? Make those dreams come true by taking a personal day. Go for a picnic in the park or a hike in the woods to enjoy the last of the nice warm weather. [To be fair, I'm self-employed so this one is easier for me to do than it is for most people. Don't do anything that will get you fired ;)]

To be honest, I've never understood why some adults long to go back to childhood. Those years were great, but I can't imagine giving up the freedom and independence that comes with adulthood. Now that the kids are back in school, it's time to celebrate the best things about being a grownup!

Have you done anything to celebrate adulthood lately?

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