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5 Ways for Millennial Women to Keep Burnout At Bay

5 Ways for Millennial Women to Keep Burnout At Bay

This is a guest post by Mianna Korben.

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For all the talk about lazy millennials, none of us seem all that well-rested. We work and work and then work some more, and not just from 9 to 5. Many of us have the thing we call “the primary job” and then “trying to start my own business,” or “some freelancing on the side” after the primary working hours are done. It’s not easy, and often it seems that we’ve bitten off more than we can chew.

Life today seems less secure than the world from our parents’ tales of their youth, and many millennial women are trying to start their own business as a way to make the future less uncertain. When you combine the hectic life at work with marital problems or raising children, it's obvious why so many people are complaining about lack of motivation and a constant feeling of gloom. So if you feel you’re on the verge of giving up on everything and moving to some tropical beach where you plan to live on coconuts for the rest of your life, we have some suggestions that may be helpful if you decide to keep swimming after all.

Make Some Me-Time

Possibly one of the most important yet most ignored necessity for every human is some me-time. Even though we are all social animals, we still need some time to clear our heads and sort out all the chaos of the day. By no means does it mean that you should abandon your friends and family, as the time spent with them is just as beneficial for you.

Simply put, everyday life and everyday interactions can be a cause of stress, and you need to hit the pause button. Use this time to do something you like. Watch your favourite soap opera or listen to some music, read or dance, or simply lie on the floor and think about rainbows. It’s up to you, but whatever you do, make sure you relax. Benefits of me-time are numerous and vital for your mental health, and it can be the crucial factor in the prevention of burnout.

Create a Safe Space

Make a sanctuary from your everyday worries and go there when you get too annoyed and fed up with everything. This is especially important if you work from home because you need to separate your working area from your living area. Work with what you have. The bedroom will do, or a nice cozy patio. If you have your secret place on a river bank, wonderful; if you have a tree house, even better. It doesn't really matter what it is, the only thing that matters is that it makes you feel safe. Stash some escapist books and enough snacks to survive an apocalypse, and you’re good to go. Only one more thing – the internet and all gadgets are banned, without exceptions. No phones, no tablets, no laptops. Log off for a couple of hours and you’ll feel much better.


Okay, exercise is probably not something you want to spend your time on, but it does provide you with plenty of benefits. If you do it, you’ll be more focused, you’ll remember things more easily, and you’ll be more energized and happier in general. If you’re not a fan of the gym, find something that’s more fun, like a martial art or better yet, cycling. Cycling is a great option because it can be highly practical too. You can cycle to work, to the store,or anywhere else. It’s easier to park a bike than a car, and it’s better for the environment as well. You can find the right bike for you at Bicycles Online for example, and save some effort. Cycling is great for your health, brain, and mood, and it will give you more energy to face everyday challenges.

Ask for Help

We are all wonder women most of the time, but even a wonder woman needs help from time to time. If your work is too much, delegate tasks, there’s no shame in that. It definitely beats getting sick, or sick and tired of everything, wouldn’t you say? If you’re having trouble organizing your family activities or household chores, remember that you’re not alone and the family is there to support you and help you with your lifestyle. You have a support system, so don’t hesitate to use it when you feel the need. It’ll help you in the long run and it will save you some resentment that is sure to appear over time otherwise.

Give Yourself a Break

If at the end of the day you feel like a failure, and you're bound to feel like that from time to time, don't beat yourself up too much. Every failure is a lesson, so take some time to lick your wounds, but then pull yourself up and give yourself another chance for success.

Finally, just remember that the first person you must think of is you. As long as you’re happy and healthy, you can make life better for those around you.

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