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5 Tips to Master the Art of Mindful Gifting

5 Tips to Master the Art of Mindful Gifting

This is a guest post by Sophia Smith.


Since the winter holidays are just around the corner, many of us have already started thinking about everything that accompanies them. From decorating our homes to finding the perfect gift, as hectic as it can all be, it’s definitely the season to be jolly. However, if you want to make it truly memorable, mindful gifting might be the perfect way to achieve that – and here are five tips on how to do it. 

Set the scene

First things first, you should decorate your home to fit the occasion. After all, if you want your guests to get into the festive spirit, you need to create a festive atmosphere. So, put some effort into decorating your living room, get a nice Christmas tree, play some festive music, light a few scented candles… There are many ways to bring your home to life, so be mindful of your home environment, and decorate it in a way that would raise the spirits of anybody who receives a present in it.

Choose the right moment

Being mindful also implies choosing the right moment for giving the gift. Of course, it should be close to Christmas, but that’s not the only criteria. For example, if your friend is spending Christmas with their family, you’re not going to invite them over on that day. The day before is also not the best moment, since they’ll probably be busy preparing everything for Christmas, shopping, decorating, etc. In short, you should choose a day on which they’ll be stress-free. Spend some time together doing the things you usually do, and when you get to the topic of Christmas, surprise them with the gift. This way, you will build up to the moment, and the effect will be much more fulfilling.

Improve their mood

Even though this season is supposed to be jolly, sometimes, for some people, it isn’t. So, before you give your friend or family member their gift, try to get them in the festive mood. Of course, decorations and choosing the right moment do play a part in this. However, there are some other things you can do as well. For example, you can do something you both like, such as enjoying a nice bottle of wine and a movie at your place. This way, even if they are having problems, at least for that one day, they will be in a good mood. So, when you give them their present, they will be able to truly appreciate the moment and not think about anything else.

Pick a meaningful gift

Choosing a meaningful gift is a must in order to achieve the best possible reaction. The way to be mindful while picking a gift is to think about what the person you’re buying the gift for really needs at that moment. For example, maybe they recently broke their favourite coffee mug and still haven’t bought a new one. Or, maybe they keep losing their bottle opener, so they could use one that stays in place. Moreover, once you choose the kind of gift, you should also make it a bit more special by personalizing it. Luckily, there are many amazing personalized Christmas gifts, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a perfect one.

Enjoy the whole process

Being mindful is about being present in this time and place, so don’t rush the moment as if it’s a chore. Moreover, don’t focus just on the moment of giving the gift – enjoy the whole process. Think about your loved ones while decorating and buying the gift. Enjoy everything leading up to the gift exchange. Talk about the gifts once you exchange them, and continue spending quality time together after.

Mindful gifting is a lot about choosing the right, meaningful gift. However, it’s also about making sure that gift produces the best possible reaction, and for that, you also need to think about the time, place, and mood of the person you’re giving the gift to. Follow the above-listed tips, and you can rest assured that this holiday season is going to be one you and your loved ones will remember for a long time.

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