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5 Smart Ways To Unplug While On Vacation

5 Smart Ways To Unplug While On Vacation

This is a guest post by Rachel Whynot, FOUNDER FREEDOM™


Now that summer is finally here, it’s time to take that vacation. Whether you want to head out of the country for a beach getaway, or relax at a cottage, taking the time away from work to relax and unwind always helps you gain more focus and motivation when you come back to work.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to unplug when you are on vacation. Social media is definitely tempting to peruse on your downtime at the beach, and you may receive some important work emails that require your immediate attention, but both of these can definitely prevent you from enjoying your vacation. 

Locking your phone up is definitely an option, but I like to use my phone to take pictures of those candid moments and beautiful sceneries. Having no phone isn’t an option. Here are five smart ways you can unplug during your vacation and still keep your phone by your side.

Plan Accordingly

Make sure that you finish any big projects before your vacation. Heading out to vacation with a major project awaiting you when you return will only stress you out. Leaving after finishing that big project you’ve been working on for months will make your vacation more satisfying and relaxing.

Set Up an Out of Office Reply

Before leaving for your vacation, set up an automated email response that will inform the people who contact you that you won’t be able to respond for a certain period of time.  Adding the contact of a colleague who can address important matters that require immediate attention can also help put your mind at ease to enjoy your vacation guilt free.

Turn Off Notifications

If you’re a social media buff like me, you’ll be browsing through Twitter whenever you get those notifications. Turning off all social media notifications will make it easy to immerse yourself in the new culture and experience. Take a picture of Big Ben or The Great Wall of China. It’s definitely okay for you to post it on Instagram later.

Put Apps in a Don’t Open Folder

Simply turning off notification may not work for some people. You don’t want to delete your apps, since it’ll be a pain trying to log back in when you get back to work life. A step further in being able to unplug successfully is to put all those apps you shouldn’t open during your vacation in a folder. Call it ‘Don’t Open’, ‘Out of Bounds’, or anything that will persuade you not to open it. Put that folder somewhere where you can’t see it when you open your phone.  Lastly… 

Live in the Moment

Spending all that money to go away for vacation will be such a waste if you’re not mentally present to enjoy it. Go soak underneath the warm sunlight. Spend time with the loved ones you went on vacation with or to visit. Enjoy the culture and the majestic view of your new surroundings. Plunge into that seaside activity or hiking excursion you signed up for.  Life is too short not to enjoy the small pleasures the world has to offer. Don’t miss it because you were too glued in checking your phone.

Now go take the plane somewhere nice, or relax in your cottage and just live freely!  Work will always be there when you get back.  This is your time.  Make the most of it.

If you’re interested in being able to live and work freely, check out my website to find out how! 

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