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5 Lifestyle Upgrades To Make Before Your Next Birthday

5 Lifestyle Upgrades To Make Before Your Next Birthday

This is a guest post by Mianna Korben.


Our upcoming birthdays are sometimes the reason we want to make certain changes in our lives. Knowing that we will soon be one year older can really motivate us to make improvements, to learn something new, to ditch bad habits or to take up a new hobby.

If you really want to celebrate your next birthday knowing that you have achieved something before then, here are five upgrades that will really improve your life.

1. Identify the sources of drains

Many people have a couple of things in their lives that drain their energy, even though they may not be aware of it. People often tolerate those things but they still add a bit of stress every now and then and it eventually builds up. Maybe you also have a few obligations in your life that you've become used to and you never really find the time to deal with them.

Well, that time has come. Try to identify the things that consume your time and energy, the ones you can actually stop once and for all. When the first step is over, your next move is to make a plan on how to reduce the stress. That way, you'll save the energy you need for really important things.

2. Quality relationships

Meeting new people is an enriching experience. However, it's a completely different thing to choose who we will keep close to us for the rest of the way. If you're not careful with the choice of people you spend your time with, you will end up in stereotypical relationships.

One of the biggest goals in life is to allow yourself to be improved by the people around you, so avoid people who are aggressive, narcissistic, or selfish. They are what we call energy vampires. It's better to surround yourself with people who raise the bar and help you become a better person. Yes, they won't be perfect, but neither are you -- the point is you are compatible and you can help each other grow. Having quality relationships also means not being afraid to show affection, respect, love, and support. It means being there for the people you love and getting the same thing in return.

3. Do something meaningful to you

This isn't just about doing the job we love. This can also refer to a hobby or any other activity in our lives. People love to engage in activities that inspire them and make them feel entertained and useful. Every person has that special activity that makes them feel great. If your job doesn't fulfill you, don't beat yourself up if you can't quit that job just yet. Instead, find something you'll do after your working hours or on weekends.

You can concentrate on just one enjoyable and inspiring activity or engage in many that give you joy. Discover what you enjoy doing and find time in your life for that.

4. Exercise in a way that fits you

Doing exercise isn't just about looking good. In time, it will become your stress relief and a way to build your character. The secret of staying disciplined and not quitting when it gets difficult (and it will) is to choose a type of exercise that's right for you and to be realistic about it. In other words, you should set fitness goals that actually work for your personality and your way of life.

Maybe you'll discover that jogging in the early morning suits you or that you relax most in an afternoon yoga class. Or nothing relieves your stress better than spending an hour in the gym every other day. The point is to make a plan and stick to it, day after day -- it will soon become your healthy habit that you won't be able to give up ever again.

5. Financial status

It's not all about the money, but it's understandable if you're not happy with your current financial health. There's always a way to improve it, so start with learning how to save money, track your expenses, and spend money more wisely. You can live more frugally without having to give up the things you love. You just need to admit to yourself that there are things in your life that drain your money and you don't actually need them.

You'll also make more money if you decide not to settle for an average position -- make yourself invaluable and people will start treating you that way. Develop strong work ethics and don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve.

Final words

It's possible to improve your life in less than a year. Choose one of these goals and set your eyes on it step by step, and your next birthday will be more enriching.

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