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3 Occasions That Call For a Road Trip

3 Occasions That Call For a Road Trip

This is a guest post by Suzanne Elly.


Travelling is one of the most enriching and bonding experiences ever. Exploring new places, meeting new people, discovering new things about yourself; it is no doubt the best mode of learning. Travelling opens up our minds and helps us appreciate more of what’s around us.

Travelling with friends is like therapy. While there shouldn’t be a need for an occasion to take a road trip with your girlfriends, there are some special events that call for a celebratory road trip. Instead of meeting up with your friends for brunch and sangrias, why not drive down some new roads and explore a new place?

There are some occasions that deserve to be celebrated in a big way with some special friends, but a road trip with these friends will make the occasion even more grand. Here are three occasions that definitely deserve a celebratory road trip.

Get Togethers

If you’re planning a get together with all your school or college friends at a pub, over some wine and music, change that to a road trip to an unexplored place. A get together in the form of a road trip is a much better idea than just dancing at a club and getting tipsy. A road trip will be spread over a couple of days or maybe the entire weekend, so you’ll get more time to spend with eachother and truly reminisce. One night is not enough to get back in touch with your friends and catch up on all that’s happening in each other’s lives. You can all drive down to your old school or college campus and hang out at the same spots that you used to years ago, or you can go and explore a new place altogether with your pals. This will bring your gang closer to each other and what better way to truly celebrate the spirit of a get together than living, driving, and exploring together?

Special Occasions

You might have a birthday coming up or you want to celebrate a promotion, and the best way to do this is by taking your friends on a weekend getaway. Drive down to a camping site and go hiking or go to an exotic location and enjoy the luxury of a five star hotel. Whatever you choose to do, a road trip is going to beat a bar crawl or nightclub any day. Imagine your birthday or promotion being celebrated over two to three days, with all your close friends, at a new location while you explore the local cuisine and culture of the place. Fusing a road trip with a special occasion is going to make it all the more memorable and exciting for you and your friends as well.

Bachelorette Parties

This is no doubt one of the most important occasions in a woman’s life. The responsibility of an amazing bachelorette party is in the hands of the maid of honour. A hen road trip with all the girls to celebrate the last lap of singlehood is the best bachelorette party idea you could plan. One night is not enough to bid adieu to your bride friend’s single life and send her off into marriage. Plan a road trip to a new destination or fly down to another country and drive around exploring all that it has to offer. You can spread a number of activities over the weekend and give more than one hen party to the bride. Plan a night of drinking and dancing, then a day filled with sports activities and another day spent exploring the gems of the city or just relaxing and catching up with the girls.  


A road trip with friends on special occasions solves the dual purpose of exploring new places and also celebrating a special moment of your life with your close friends. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a week long trip, your special occasion will be made all the more memorable with a road trip with your friends. So get packing and invite your friends to a party road trip!

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