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How To Easily Boost Your Productivity

How To Easily Boost Your Productivity

The last six months have been some of my most productive in years, and I'm finally starting to see some real results in my blog, my freelance career, and my book project. I'm incredibly happy about boosting my productivity because it means I'm so much closer to my big career goals. To get these amazing results, I've only been doing one thing differently. Turns out, boosting your productivity is actually pretty easy! 

So are you ready for my big productivity secret? Here it is:

Get Up Earlier. 

That's it! That's the only thing I've changed about my routine and it has made a world of difference.

This isn't about being a morning person vs. a night person. It doesn't matter what time you usually get up, the point is simply to get up a little earlier than what you're used to. 

Not convinced? Here's why setting your alarm even 30 minutes ahead will easily boost your productivity.

1. It's easier to get things done before the rest of your household wakes up. As soon as my boyfriend gets out of bed, there are conversations to be had, cups of coffee to be drunk, and videos of puppies to watch on YouTube. Before I know it, the time has slipped away. Getting up an hour before he does means I have uninterrupted productivity time. 

2. You're more likely to get stuff done at the beginning of the day. After a long day, all I want to do is relax and watch TV or read a book. Whenever I tell myself I'll work on something in the evening, I end up procrastinating because I'm tired or I feel like I've already done enough work for the day. Giving myself extra time in the morning means I'm motivated to cross tasks off my list while my mind is fresh. 

3. Getting up earlier means you have time to get things done before distractions arise. Once the day moves on you're more likely to find other things getting in the way of your productivity. How many times have I put something off and decreased my daily output because a friend invited me out for happy hour drinks? Let just say a lot...

4. Happy hour brings me to my next argument: you're less likely to accomplish things in the evening when your friends, family, and/or roommates are all relaxing. Being around people who are kicking back naturally makes you want to do the same, so you're more likely to cross things off your list if you've tackled them at the start of the day. 

5. There's really only one way to add more time to your day and that's to literally add more time to your day. If you really want to be productive, you have to make your days longer and your nights shorter. However, productivity can never be at the expense of your health and sleep is integral to maintaining a healthy mind and body. That being said, waking up 30 or 45 minutes earlier won't negatively impact your overall health and after a week you won't even notice the difference. If you're sleeping well and getting the recommended 8-ish hours a night, thirty or forty-five minutes less sleep won't make you exhausted. But what it will give you is more time to accomplish those dreams you've been dying to make a reality. 

The truth is that the only way to get more time in your day is to make time. Although it may seem daunting to set that alarm a little earlier, the easiest place to make time is first thing in the morning before all the distractions of daily life come in to sap your productive energy.

Would you consider getting up earlier to accomplish your goals? What productivity tips do you have to share?   

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