Easy Fall Decor Ideas

I confess I have never really decorated my home for the seasons or for the holidays. I love the idea of updating home decor a few times a year but, until recently, I've never felt invested enough in where I've lived to think of decorating it specially. Up until the last few years, my adult life has consisted of living in very temporary rentals and I never felt inclined to decorate much when I lived around the corner from a detox centre... what more can I say?

Anyway, now that I have a slightly more permanent place that I love, I've decided to try and make it feel a little more homey. After all, if I want my life to look like my Pinterest profile I've got to start somewhere. 

Here I've collected some super easy ways to update your home for the fall season without going to too much trouble or spending too much money. Let's be honest, I'm an amateur when it comes to decorating and amateurs need to start with the little things. 

Fall-scented candles seemed like an easy place to start. I love the sound of these pumpkin spice and apple & woods candles. Next I took some inspiration from Pinterest: I'm obsessed with these black and white and gold pumpkins I've been seeing all over my feed lately. They look so grown up and classy! 

Other really easy ways I thought up to update my home are to add some new throw pillows to my sofa and a decorative wreath to my door. My grandparents always had beautiful seasonal wreaths on their doors and every season I would look forward to seeing what they had put up. 

Do you decorate your home for the seasons? What are some simple decor ideas you'd recommend?