Dressing for a Night at the Casino

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One thing I didn’t blog about when I came back from my recent trip to Detroit, was that I went to the casino for the very first time. Never having been before, I really didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up having a total blast! There’s something so exciting about taking a little risk and hoping for the big payoff. Being at the casino reminded me of the glamour, danger, and high-stakes of James Bond movies like Casino Royale

I took inspiration from three classic casino movies and created three outfits that would be perfect for your next night at the black jack table. All these outfits would look great with a martini, whether its shaken or stirred!

Since Casino Royale was the first thing I thought of when I stepped into the MGM Grand in Detroit, let’s start with a look inspired by Eva Green. I chose a dress that mimics her famous black gown with the plunging neckline while still keeping things light and flirty with a more textured lace fabric. With a neckline like that, all you need is some killer jewelry and a bright red lip to start turning heads. 

For an opposite color palette, I looked to Julia Roberts in Oceans Eleven. There aren’t many places you can wear a sequined gold dress, but the casino is one of them! Paired with a classic Burberry trench and YSL clutch, this look screams Old Hollywood glamour. 

Lastly, I decided to go for a slightly more casual look inspired by Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas. This look fits in perfectly with the current 90s revival trend that has everyone wearing black chokers, high fashion clogs, and miniskirts. I went for a vampy red lipstick because I’m feeling the autumn colours right now, but a classic 90s nude lip would also do the trick. 

A glamorous night at the casino is a fun way to shake up your usual nightlife routine. But if you’re like me and you also enjoy any activity you can do in your pyjamas, then you can also try your luck by playing online slots from your mobile. There’s no reason for James Bond to be the one having all the fun!