Fall Date Ideas

Just because the weather is getting cooler, it doesn't mean we run out of fun activities do to! Here I've listed five great date ideas perfect for the start of the fall season. 

Apple Picking - Fall weather is the best: not too hot and not too cold! Apple picking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and it's such a fun activity for a date because there are no distractions like loud bar music or a movie to detract from the conversation. I love the idea of picking out a cute outfit complete with leather boots and a big oversized scarf to spend an afternoon wandering through an apple orchard. 

Preserving - Once you've picked all those apples you can hop in the kitchen and start cooking up some apple butter or apple sauce to enjoy on those cozy fall evenings. Or if that's not totally your thing, fall is the perfect time to make jams, pickles, and preserves of all kinds. This is definitely a date idea for the couple that likes to cook!

Last Hurrah Barbecue - Even if your guy isn't really into cooking, who can resist a barbecue? This is the time of year to get all the grilling out of your system before the snow sets in. I think hosting a last hurrah barbecue is a super fun double or triple-date idea for couples that like to entertain. 

Fall Foliage Drive or Hike - Too often the fall season slips by before I really have a change to enjoy the colours of the changing leaves. Going for a drive or a hike in the country is a great way to escape the every day and enjoy the beauty of the season while sharing some quiet time together. 

Drive-In Movie - A twist on the classic date-night movie is to hit the drive-in. Yet another great way to enjoy the fall weather. I think drive-ins are better in the fall than the summer since most of the bugs are done, the humidity has burned off, and there's less chance of a rainstorm ruining the fun. Plus, depending on where you live, the fall colours might just provide the perfect backdrop to your movie. 

What are your fall date ideas?