3 Quirky Romantic Comedies

Sometimes, after so much writing and researching and reading about relationships for my book, I look forward to an escapist evening with a romantic comedy. 

The trouble is that a lot of blockbuster mainstream romantic comedies don't do much for me. Usually I find the plots too predictable and romances too unrealistic. But now, thanks to Netflix, I've been able to discover some lesser-known romantic flicks that still give me the feel-good escapism I'm looking for without so many clichés.

quirky romantic comedies

Life Happens - starring Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson - Three roommates are in for a life-changing adventure when one of them has a baby. This is a really sweet movie about friendship, motherhood, and learning to live with the unexpected. 

I Give It A Year - starring Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall - A movie all about the ups and down of that crucial first year of marriage. These two newlyweds are so different that even their friends and family don't think they'll last. Can they prove them wrong and make it in the long run?

The Five-Year Engagementstarring Jason Segal and Emily Blunt - When two ambitious people plan a life together, how do you balance the pursuit of both your dreams? How much can you sacrifice for the sake of your relationship and when is it all just too much?

All these movies are available on Netflix (at least in Canada!). What are some of your favourite lesser-known movies?