Dinner at Richmond Station

Richmond Station is one of those Toronto restaurants that I’ve been hearing about for years and have been meaning to try for almost as long. Although I’d always heard of it spoken with praise, it wasn’t until this past week that I finally decided to check it out.

If I’m honest, the reason why it took me so long to finally go was because I had a feeling that I knew exactly what to expect. And if I’m even more honest, my expectations didn’t do much to entice me into going. 

As regular readers of my blog probably know, what I really enjoy is inventive and unusual cuisine. Or what some people might call “weird food.” I had the feeling that Richmond Station wouldn’t push any boundaries or give my tastebuds anything unique so it kept slipping to the bottom of my restaurant priority list. 

So what’s the verdict now that I’ve finally been?

Well, I wasn’t wrong…

But Richmond Station’s winning reputation wasn’t wrong either. ‘

The food was delicious, but it was pretty straightforward. I would recommend it for a less adventurous crowd or anyone who prefers more traditional cuisine.


We started with one of my favourites - Ceviche. This was good, but the flavours didn’t explode. I would consider this a really great entry-level ceviche for anyone who has never tried it before.


Next we had Cold Shrimp Rolls, another one of my favourite dishes. Also good. Also not mind-blowing. These were really similar to a version I make at home and it definitely inspired me to whip up my homemade version again — maybe I’ll even post the recipe on the blog!


For our final appetizer we ordered Duck Confit Hushpuppies. This was probably my favourite app, likely because it was the most adventurous of the trio! I love duck any time and I thought that the twist of mixing it into hushpuppies was both delicious and creative.


For the main we shared an amazing burger. If you’re in the mood one day for a really premium burger then I definitely recommend this one! The patty is made with house butchered beef and stuffed with braised short-rib. If you ask me, it doesn’t get much better than that. 

And as an added bonus, the fresh cut french fries and mustard-mayo tasted exactly like the fries and dip I used to get at a long-gone restaurant back home.


Desert definitely didn’t disappoint: deconstructed Mascarpone Cheesecake with rainbow fruit purees in honour of Pride. I love cheesecake and the key to good cheesecake is a really good cheese. As soon as I saw the word Mascarpone, I was sold!

All in all, I think that Richmond Station does an excellent job serving up delicious food that will appeal to the widest possible audience.