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Dinner at Selden Standard, Detroit

Dinner at Selden Standard, Detroit

For our first night in Detroit, we decided to play it safe and go for a restaurant that came highly recommended by some foodie friends: Selden Standard. 

As soon as I picked up my menu, I knew that this place was exactly the type of restaurant I love, featuring craft cocktails and interesting sharing plates. 

We took turns sampling each other's drinks and I have to say that although I liked them all, the one I ordered was definitely my favourite. I went for "The Veil of Wildness" because it had all my favourite ingredients in its menu description: Aperol, cava, mint, lemon, and strawberry syrup. I think it also had some rum in there for good measure. All in all it was delicious.

First, we shared charred octopus with chickpea, saffron, and basil jalapeño pesto. Octopus is one of my favourite foods and this dish lived up to my high expectations. 

Next we had mushroom salad with a poached egg, cilantro, radish, and bok choy. I'm obsessed with mushrooms but I never thought to have a mushroom salad before. I'm definitely going to try to make my own version of this at home. 

Sweet Pea Casonsei with a little bit of lobster mixed in for good measure. I was really impressed by how fresh the sweet pea filling tasted even after being cooked inside the pasta. I don't usually eat lobster this far from the ocean but it was delicious.

Grilled scallions with romanesco sauce. So simple but so good! Another dish that I'm going to try and recreate at home. Anyone have any tips on getting those deliciously sexy grill marks? 

Soft Shell Crab on a little bed of fresh garden veg with an avocado mayo. Crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. The only thing I wished for was that this dish was twice as big.

Finally: the piece de resistance: Grilled Lamb Ribs. I'd never had lamb ribs before but apparently they're very popular in Australia (and presumably New Zealand.) All I can say is that I've definitely been missing out. They are so juicy and flavourful, and are way more tender then traditional pork ribs. These were served with yogurt and aphrodolce which is a sweet/sour Italian sauce. It tasted a lot like honey and the combination of flavours was out of this world.

Every single scrap of food disappeared in no time! 

If you're ever in Detroit, I cannot recommend this place enough. I will definitely be going back if I ever find myself in Motor City again. 

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