5 Non-Cheesy Motivational Quotes

non cheesy motivational quotes

In case you didn't already know, I'm writing a book which also doubles as my master's thesis. This is the biggest, most ambitious project I have ever taken on and, like most big projects, it will take years to complete. My MFA alone is a two-year process and I'm sure the book will need revisions even after I get my fancy degree. 

As I write this I'm about halfway through the degree and just about halfway through my first draft of the manuscript. It's amazing to look back on the last few months and realize that I've written 40 000 words, (which I wrote about here) but I've hit sort of a halfway-slump. Any long-term project is bound to have its ups and downs, so if you're ever in a "down" phase, or even just need a little extra motivation, here are my favourite non-cheesy motivational quotes that will get you excited to work hard. 

estee lauder quote
nelson mandela quote
thomas edison quote
rabindranath tagore quote
ann landers quote

What's your favourite non-cheesy motivational quote? I'm a quote collector so I'd love to read your favs in the comments!