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A Day In The Life: Blogger Edition

A Day In The Life: Blogger Edition

9:00AM: Wake up. Grab phone immediately.

9:02AM: Check blog stats. Get disappointed that your almost non-existent Australian fan-base hasn't significantly increased your pageviews while you were sleeping. 

9:05AM: Open Instagram. See who liked your photos. Stalk their profiles. 

9:08AM: Open Twitter. 

9:09AM: Get bored of Twitter.

9:10AM: Watch boyfriend sleep. Wish you were still sleeping. Wonder how much longer you can put off getting out of bed. 

10:00AM: Get out of bed. Shower etc.

10:45AM: Publish today's blog post. 

10:46AM: Indulge in daily self-consciousness, doubt, and insecurity about your writing ability. 

11:00AM: Promote the sh*t out of your post across five or six different types of social media despite the fact that you don't know anything about social media or understand how algorithms work. 

11:30AM: Visit other bloggers and comment on their pages. Try to be funny, interesting, and all-around perfect. 

12:00AM: Remember to eat breakfast

12:15PM: Decide to give blogging a rest and focus on school/writing your book/doing laundry etc.

12:45PM: Check blog stats. 

12:46PM: Get disappointed by shockingly tiny number of pageviews despite having written what you thought was the Best Post Ever.

12:47PM: Promise self not to check stats again until right before bedtime.

12:52PM: Check blog stats again. 

1:00PM-6:00PM: Actually accomplish other tasks.

6:00PM: Check social media stats. 

6:01PM: Check blog stats.

6:02PM: Contemplate giving up blogging to become an old-fashion reclusive writer with no online presence. 

6:03PM: Cocktail Hour!

7:03PM: Cocktail Hour Again!

9:00PM: Check blog stats one last time.

9:01PM: Be pleasantly surprised!

9:02PM: Remember that you don't have a normal-person job, and realize that you wouldn't want it any other way!

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