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Toronto's Best Pizza

Toronto's Best Pizza

I am about to make a very bold statement. I am about to tell you where to find the best pizza in Toronto.

Pizzeria Libretto. 

Have I started a pizza war? Have I lost friends and loved ones who can no longer speak to me now that I have placed myself so firmly in one camp? Am I going to wake up tomorrow to discover my house has been pelted with pizza by a mob of angry Domino's fans? 

I'll risk it. 

Pizzeria Libretto serves the real deal. Chewy, thin crust Italian style pizzas with a blistered crust cooked to perfection in just a minute and a half. They even had their traditional wood-burning oven hand-made and brought over from the old country. 

These are the pizzas I dream about. 

They've also got a pretty kick-ass selection of salads and appetizers if you want to sample more than their staple. I'm personally a big fan of the calamari and meatball appetizers. 

I like every pizza I've tried there so far, but my current favourite is the Eggplant with garlic, mozzarella, whipped ricotta, and, of course, lightly fried eggplant. The prosciutto arugula is also popular with many of my dining companions and you can see both in the picture below. 


I can't be the only one to have fallen in love with Libretto. When I first stepped through their doors in 2013 they had two locations and have now doubled their franchise with four restaurants across downtown Toronto. They clearly must be doing something right, but don't just take my word for it. Give it a try for yourself!

What's your favourite pizza place in your hometown?

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