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Cocktail Club: Old Fashioned

Cocktail Club: Old Fashioned

Remember when Ryan Gosling mixes up a cocktail for Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love? I remember it SO well because as soon as I saw him make it I thought: "That looks like my kind of drink!"

BUT, I had no idea what it was called so I couldn't ever order it when I went out.

Ryan Goslings' sexy, masculine, cocktail-mixing character put a sugar cube in a rocks glass, saturated it with bitters, smothered it in whiskey and topped it off with a big slice of orange.

What is that drink? I asked my mom who was watching the movie with me. I just know I would love it! 

I finally figured it out when I got my grown-up lady restaurant job, it's an Old Fashioned.

And I was right. I love it. 

Old Fashioneds are one of my favourite drinks because they are perfectly balanced. A little sweet, a little bitter, a little fruity, and a little boozy without ever going too far in one direction. 

To help you recreate this favourite at home, I'm broken down what Ryan Gosling did:

Drop a sugar cube into a rocks glass and saturate it with Angustora bitters. (You can also use orange bitters if you have them and want a little more fruit flavour.) Add a cocktail cherry and a generous slice of orange with a small splash of water. Muddle everything together. (Ryan Gosling didn't use cherries, and this is probably his only flaw.)

Fill the glass with ice and pour in 2oz of whiskey (or bourbon). Stir until cold and enjoy! 

(And feel free to add an extra cherry on top... I know I would!)

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