Writer Rejection

I've signed up for a life of rejection. 

They warned us very early on in theatre school. "Get used to it," they said. "Or pick a different career."

I've gotten a lot of rejection letters, but somehow it never gets any easier. 

No more blank pages!

No more blank pages!

Since starting my MFA last September I've been so busy with school that I've mostly stopped submitting my other work to the various powers-that-be. But not submitting articles and essays when you're trying to launch your freelance career is a terrible terrible idea. Let's just say I've been in a pattern of avoidance and being busy with school assignments has enabled my avoidance. I told myself I just didn't have time to write extra pieces on top of everything else I was already writing for school. 

But now it's the summer holidays and I've got no more excuses or built-in avoidance strategies. It's time to face lots more rejection. 

When they warned us about this in undergrad, it seemed like a reasonably surmountable downside of a life in the arts. Maybe I was still running on the high of having been accepted to theatre school in the first place. But rejection is a lot harder in reality, and it's a lot harder when you're out in the world and trying to pay your rent. 

So what's the conclusion for this blog post?

Grow up. Get over it. Write something and put it out into the world. 

And remember: the alternative is law school. 

Rejection suddenly doesn't seem so bad.