Productivity Police

Sometimes I feel like the world is conspiring to make me unproductive. Maybe I'm not meant to accomplish anything. Maybe my destiny in life is more in the fixing-stupid-problems and trouble-shooting-things-that-should-be-working-in-the-first-place department. 



Today I had big plans to accomplish lots of errands and grocery shopping in the morning. The idea was that I would cook a delicious dinner while spending the rest of the day chained to my apartment waiting for my IKEA delivery. 

But then I had some technical difficulties with the internet and had to spend all my errand-time on the phone with tech support. Now I'm stuck at home waiting for IKEA with nothing to eat but eggs. 

Thank God for take-out. But when am I ever going to learn how to cook like an adult?

Last week I'd also make big plans to practice my cooking, but I woke up to an apartment with no water. Apparently a pipe had burst downstairs and we had no water all day. I had to shower with a bottle of Evian. 

Is it too much to ask that I have simple things like running water and internet so that I can accomplish basic life tasks such as bathing, feeding myself, and taking quizzes on Facebook? Is it unreasonable to hope that my IKEA delivery will arrive within a reasonably short time-window? I live in downtown Toronto so this doesn't seem like too much to ask for.

But maybe I'm not meant for greatness. At least not in the cooking and bathing realms. Maybe the productivity police have a vendetta against me because I watch too much Netflix. Maybe they've decided that I don't deserve a normally productive day.

Or maybe I'm just making excuses for not getting out of bed earlier on a cold and snowy Monday in April.