Travel Daydreams

In just three months I’ll be heading East to Halifax to start of the second (and final) year of my Master’s. I’ve not booked my trip yet because I still haven’t decided how best to embark on this adventure. Last year, I flew WestJet, but maybe that’s not the most interesting way to get halfway across the country. I’m into exploring my options…

travel daydreams

Driving. I stop in Montreal to see my old friend and we go for lunch. She has fabulous hair and I’m only slightly (read: severely) disheveled from my first eight hours on the road. I get back on the highway and sing show tunes at the top of my lungs until my throat gets sore. I stop at a Kelseys somewhere and order a Chicken Sonoma Valley Salad. I’m disappointed because it doesn’t take as good as I remember it being when I was fourteen. I almost get in several car accidents and my mom calls me every six hours to make sure I haven’t flipped my rental over in a ditch. I get lost somewhere in rural Nova Scotia but I eat the perfect lobster roll from a shack on the edge of the ocean and swim naked all alone and still manage to get to school on time. Pros: Great story. Lobster rolls. Visiting friends. Show tunes. Cons: High chance of needing roadside assistance. Talking to no one but myself for two days.

Train: The trip starts off comfortably as I stretch out and enjoy all my legroom. I’m highly motivated about all the work I’m going to get done and start writing furiously. Somewhere in Quebec I decide I’ve written enough to last me a lifetime (despite having only written three blog posts) and start watching reruns of Downton Abbey on my laptop. I eat waay too many train sandwiches and my face stars to breakout from going too long without a proper shower. I start to think train wine tastes good. The horror. Pros: Cheaper than flying. Train blogging. Scenery. Wine. Cons: Pimples. Train wine. Not getting as much done on the train as I think I will.

Flying: I roll into the airport like a pro with plenty of time before my flight. I prep my belongings for security in record time because, like I said, I’m a pro. But I inevitably get pulled over for random drug swabbing, the x-ray body scan machine, or a full luggage search. I smile because I always get pulled over. I settle into my seat on the airplane and order a glass of red. I wonder if there’s a difference between train wine and plane wine. I get carded. I fall asleep and wake up a blissful two hours later to see the ocean rising up below my window. Pros: Clean. Quick. Easy. Cons: Expensive. Wondering if all those times in the airport body-scan machine has made me radioactive.

What do you think? What’s your favourite way to travel?