5 Rainy Day Activities

It's another cold, gloomy, and rainy day here in Toronto. I think that so far this year we've had a grand total of two nice, sunny, and warm days. A rainy day is a great excuse to curl up with a good book, get some writing/blogging done, or indulge in too much television. But I have to say that after so many months of bad weather I am getting totally sick of sitting around all day and staring at a screen, or even a book.

Even when the weather is crummy, I try and get out for a walk every day but I have to be honest: a walk is no fun when it's 5 degrees and raining. (That's 41 degrees in Fahrenheit.) Yesterday I trekked through those exact conditions but it did nothing to cure my now deeply-rooted cabin fever.

So in the hopes of avoiding another day where I go completely stir-crazy, I've put together a list of raining day activities that don't include the traditional reading, writing, or watching TV.

rainy day activities

1. Clean out your closet/junk drawer/makeup collection etc. Cleaning and de-cluttering a physical space always makes my mental space feel equally organized and refreshed. A rainy day is a good time to tackle some of those household jobs that always fall low on my list of priorities.

2. Get your body moving. Okay, so walking outside in the rain is no fun, but it's so important to get off the couch and use your body on days when you're cooped up inside. I really like to use the Yoga Studio app on my iPad so I can do 15 or 30 minutes of yoga right in my living room. There are also some great apps that take you through little 7 minute workouts that you can do at home, but I haven't been bold enough to try one yet!

3. Write a long email to an old friend. I think everyone has someone in their life that they'd like to reconnect with or keep in touch with more. Maybe it's a friend who moved away, or a grandparent, or an old friend from high school. When life is busy, it's so easy to let months go by without connecting with the people outside our immediate circle. Take advantage of a rainy day to find the time to connect. Who knows, you might rekindle a lifelong friendship.

4. Learn to cook something new. Pick your favourite restaurant dish or a recipe you've always wanted to master and give it a go! I tend to get intimidated by recipes that I think are beyond my skill level, but the only way to improve is to practice. Worst-case scenario is that it doesn't turn out and you order a pizza. (And pizza goes really well with a rainy day.)

5. Give yourself an at home spa dayTake advantage of being at home and give yourself a little pampering. Paint your nails, do a face mask, take a bath, deep condition your hair, exfoliate your feet, the options go on and on... 

I hope this list is helpful to anyone else who's suffering from cabin fever! What are some other rainy day activities you love?