10 Thoughts I Have at 3AM

I didn't blog yesterday. Shame on me! The truth is that I had one of my seriously insomniac moments, and when I got home from work yesterday I had no energy for anything other than naps.

image via getty

image via getty

Why can't I sleep? Probably because I have waayy too many super-interesting and important thoughts keeping me up at 3AM.

1. Why don't I own one of those lemon-twist-peeler-things? How am I going to make martinis?

2. Why don't I ever make martinis?

3. Why don't I own any garter belts?

4. Did Katherine Howard really think she could cheat on Henry VIII and get away with it?

5. What's that sound?

6. How can I get more Instagram followers?

7. What's better: chocolate cake with cherry filling or chocolate cake with strawberry filling?

8. What's that sound?

9. I wish I had some pizza.

10. Tomorrow's going to be a bitch.

So there you go! As you can see, I am a very important person with a lot of important thoughts keeping me up at night. It's the sacrifice I have to make I guess for having such pressing issues on my mind.