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From Coffee To Tea

From Coffee To Tea

I have officially gone a whole ten days without a single cup of coffee. 

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I didn't used to be a coffee person because it has always made me feel sick, but I started drinking it out of necessity when I had too many jobs and too little sleep. Gradually I got used to drinking it and the negative side-effects of all that caffeine seemed to disappear. 

Then, exactly ten days ago, I had a terrible caffeine crash that reminded me why I never used to drink the stuff in the first place. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe the negative side effects of caffeine didn't ever go away. Maybe I just got used to feeling jittery, slightly anxious, and a little nauseous all the time. 

So I switched to tea, and even though I drink tons and tons of it every day, it doesn't make me feel terrible. I don't really understand the science behind that, but I feel so much better and healthier!

The real point of this blog post is that this transition has got me thinking about how we all do things to our bodies and our minds that make us feel terrible. But, for some reason, we don't change our habits. I've been drinking one cup of coffee a day for years now, and all along I've known that it doesn't agree with my body, but I've been ignoring all the signs because I'd convinced myself that I needed that daily latte. 

Sometimes when I'm home alone I'll eat half a bag of Twizzlers and then get a headache. But six months later I'm elbow-deep in strawberry licorice yet again. When don't I learn?

Are humans the only animals that do this? Or does a lion gorge himself on antelope and wake up with a food-baby and a sugar-hangover and swear never to do that again?

Or is it just me? Maybe I'm just not very good at self-control because whole milk lattes taste so. damn. good. 

I can't promise never to have coffee ever again, but the past ten days have been a good lesson in listening to my body and forcing myself to learn some moderation. I'm going to be home alone every night this week and so far I've avoided buying any Twizzlers. 

Although I have been binge-watching too many reruns of Downton Abbey... Come on, you can't expect me to give up all my guilty pleasures!

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