What's the deal with Poprocks?

These poprocks kind of look like drugs. // image via huffintonpost.com

These poprocks kind of look like drugs. // image via huffintonpost.com

What the hell is the deal with Poprocks?


My mouth is so confused right now.

And why can't I stop eating them?

Remember when you were a kid and you would get a trip to the candy store, and you would pick out your Poprocks and peel your Spice Girls sticker off the inside of the packaging to add to your sticker book? There was nothing better than the tongue-snapping, teeth-crackling taste of Poprocks.

Now I'm just like WTF.

When did I lose my sense of childish wonder? When did the all the Poprock fun become awkward and slightly uncomfortable? Does this mean I'm a real adult now? 

Maybe not, since I can't seem to put them down and am checking for a Spice Girls sticker inside the packaging. 

But in all seriousness, when do the things we loved at children suddenly become strange and disgusting? And I suppose you could ask the same question in reverse: when did the things we loathed as children turn into delicious life-affirming nectar from heaven? Like beer. And coffee. 

I've barely left my house all week because I've been adulting really hard. I've spent almost the whole week glued to my laptop as my final deadlines for this year of grad school rapidly approach. Maybe I need to get out of the house and rediscover my inner child. Maybe I should give myself a break tomorrow and go play on a swing-set (if the snow melts by then).

Or maybe I should just eat some more Poprocks.