Summer Bucket List 2016

This week marks the official start of Spring! Every year around this time I make a mental list of all the things I want to do while the weather is nice, but by June I've forgotten half of them and by September I realize that I haven't done most of what I planned.

So this year I thought I'd take the time to write it all down and maybe even get some inspiration for fun summer activities from all of you. Drop me a note in the comments if I've forgotten a crucial summer activity!

image via favim

image via favim

Toronto Island Beach Day - It's been too long since I've spent a day on the island. Every summer for the last two years I've meant to go, but it takes a bit of planning since it's a whole day excursion. This year I'm determined to make it happen even if it means scheduling it months in advance!

Learn to Play Tennis - There are public tennis courts just a short walk from my apartment that I've never used. At the end of last summer I played a bit of tennis while in Muskoka with my family and I loved it! So now I'm going to learn and get some much needed outdoor exercise. 

Learn to BBQ - Everything tastes better with fire, that's a fact. I love BBQ and it's about time I stopped relying on other people to cook it for me!

Celebrate Canada Day - I'm not usually particularly patriotic, but it used to be a tradition when I was a kid to go and see the fireworks and have a picnic on the first of July. I haven't done that it years and I've never been to see fireworks in Toronto, so I think it's time to revive this summer tradition. 

Go Sailing - My dad has gotten back into sailing in the last few years so this would be a fun family excursion. Plus, it's an opportunity to learn something new and conquer my fear of being smacked in the head with the boom. 

Go Horseback-Riding - I used to ride regularly all year round and I miss it like crazy, especially in the summertime. It's hard to find a place to ride in Toronto when you don't have a car to get you out of downtown. This summer I am determined to find a place to ride somewhere along the subway line. Leave me suggestions in the comments if you know a good barn! (English Hunt style. Not at Exhibition Place because it's crazily expensive.)

Get up North - Another childhood tradition that I miss is our annual trips up North. Whether it's camping or cottaging, I love the yearly immersion in Canadian nature. It always makes me feel peaceful and lucky to live in this beautiful country. 

Spend Time Back Home - Niagara is absolutely wonderful in the summer. People from all over the world spend loads of money to spend a week in my hometown and I can go stay with my parents for free! I don't get home enough as it is so this summer I want to make an extra effort to spend some time in wine country. It's so beautiful and relaxing, and I think I can get a lot of writing done surrounded by fruit trees on the shores of the lake. 

Host a Party - The first year I lived in this apartment we hosted a fabulous rooftop barbecue, but then two more summers went by and we didn't do it again. Our place is great for entertaining and I'm going to set up a full bar cart so I can make summer cocktails. We never did have a proper housewarming so now that we're (nearly) settled in our new apartment it's about time to start hosting!

Fix up my Bike - I started getting really into biking last summer, and then my (very old) bike needed some love and I somehow never bothered to take it to the shop. This summer I'm going to commit to biking to and from work for all the obvious reasons: it's healthy, it saves money, and it's good for the planet!

What's on your summer bucket list? Leave me a note in the comments!

Happy Spring!