New Apartment Tour!

I've been M.I.A for five whole days now! And not just on the blog, I've been M.I.A. on Instagram, Twitter, and (oh yeah) that little thing called Real Life. 

image via google

image via google

At first, when we decided to drag our apartment move out over a whole month I thought: "This is GREAT! We have a whole month to get everything done!" But then I quickly realized that the problem with moving for a month is that you're moving for a month. 

Everyone in my life from friends to family to co-workers is like: "You're still moving?!"

And up until today, the answer was always "Yes" followed by a long sigh. 

We had to hand in our keys to the old apartment yesterday, so I've been M.I.A since Thursday because the last few days (in addition to working brunch all weekend) have been the Real Moving Days. (Who knew an oven could get so dirty after three years? Not me.)

But now everything is back to normal and we're finally all settled! New house tours are always popular blog posts (or so the expert lifestyle bloggers have led me to believe) so here is my very own new apartment tour!


Here is the view into my home from the entryway. I think that having the desk halfway in the kitchen and halfway in the hall is a great choice for inducing alternative forms of creativity. It will also make it way easier to get myself snacks when I've run out of things to write about. The clock on the desk is an excellent choice as well because it reminds me that time is quickly ticking away toward the end of the semester while I spend all my time on Facebook and Netflix. You can't really tell in this picture, but that orange box on the desk is full of tools. This is super-helpful for smashing my computer whenever I write a particularly awful sentence. The pile of miscellaneous crap on the kitchen counter is also fabulous because it ensures that I never cook a single morsel and will live off pizza until I go into some kind of pizza-coma. 


The living room is a really special place. Having the T.V. on the floor and facing the wall is a deliberate commentary on our society's relationship with the media. Artwork also clearly belongs on the coffee table under a rolled-up rug and not on the walls. Come on guys, if art and photographs were on the walls I would just get too depressed over how talented everyone else is. How can I be productive with Bob Dylan staring me down and daring me to be as brilliant as he?


This is my favourite space! It's A Room of My Own. My office, my writing den, my creative space. Like any good artist studio, this space is a reflection of my internal mental-state and creative potential. The empty bookshelf is a metaphor for my current chapter. And the Swiffer is the icing on the creative cake. 

I hope you've enjoyed my new apartment tour and have picked up a few home decor ideas for your own oasis! Now that I have achieved a major lifestyle-blogger milestone and posted my own interior-decor-home-tour, I can finally feel my life is complete. 

See you tomorrow internet, it's good to be back!