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The Mind of Luxury

The Mind of Luxury

"I think the rest of my life should maintain this level of luxury."

I said this while sprawled under a shady palm tree on a beach in Mexico. I took a big gulp of my margarita while everyone laughed. 

 Sometimes I drink beer  and  Margaritas

Sometimes I drink beer and Margaritas

Ok, so I know I can't live the rest of my life on a beach drinking pre-lunch frozen cocktails (or "health beverages" as I like to call them). Artists need to suffer a little after all. Plus, too many days in the sun tends to give me a skin rash. I guess I just wasn't build for the tropical lifestyle.

I said what I said on the beach in that particular way because I knew it would get me some laughs. But in all seriousness, what I really meant was that I need to take that luxurious mentality back to Toronto with me. I write this on the plane heading home and I know that as soon as I step foot back on the ground, all the little things that were stressing me out before my holiday will come rushing back again. But on vacation I achieved a seriously luxurious state of mind. I felt zen about everything. Relaxed, happy, content... and most importantly, those feelings seemed unshakable. Nothing could dampen my luxurious mood.

So how will I keep that feeling when I get back to work, school, and the seemingly never-ending process of moving apartments?

Well, I'm getting my hair done first thing in the morning. I've told myself that I need a professional to wash all the sand out of my hair but the truth is that I want to have a guaranteed hour of the peace and quiet I've so quickly become accustomed to.

To be honest, I actually don't want to spend my whole life getting my hair done and lunching on the beach because I know I would get bored pretty quickly. I crave the action and drama of my fast-paced-twenty-something city life. What can I say? I need to do stuff worth writing about...

But as I get back to reality, and back in the rat-race, I want to maintain that sense of inner calm. That feeling that nothing can go wrong, that everything will work out, that every part of my life is as perfect as an afternoon spent floating in the warmest parts of the Pacific. 

I keep being told that meditation is the answer.

"Can meditation really make me feel like I'm on the beach?" I asked my dad who meditates every day.

"Meditation can do whatever you need it to do."

How zen.

I still have a long way to go before I reach Nirvana, so until then it's going to be mind-over-matter in the quest for a new no-stress approach to all of life's madness.

Let's see how long that lasts... maybe it's time I learned how to make a decent margarita. 

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