In-Flight Travel Essentials

Ok, so I'm still in total travel-mode. I promise I'll try and think of something different to write about tomorrow. But for now, I'm still pretty impressed that I made it on a week-long internationally holiday with nothing more than carry-on luggage. With that in mind, here are the essentials that I've discovered I can't live without on any flight. Even if all my worldly possessions have to fit in the overhead bin.

1. Moisturizer. Planes are the worst for drying out my skin. I love this Kiehl's Crème de Corps because it's super-nourishing and non-greasy. It's technically body lotion but I've been known to use it sparingly on my face in a pinch and it's never caused breakouts or other unpleasantness. When you're travelling light, sometimes you have to make do. (btw: it looks like a really big jar in the photo, but it's actually the perfect size to carry onboard and will make it through security.)

2. iPhone boost charger. When my plane got delayed I ran out of battery power and had the hardest time finding a working outlet. This little bad-boy would have saved me from having to stand awkwardly holding my luggage while my phone charged at a Samsung station far away from the comfort of a chair.

3. Eye-mask. I always get sat next to weirdos who want to talk about the best $300 gift to buy their f*ckbuddy from SkyMall. Even if I can't sleep, I can feign a coma so I don't have to give my opinion on which watchband I think he'll like.

4. When my computer also died I realized that I left the country without a notebook or a pen. Bad writer. Very bad writer. Even if you don't make a career of writing stuff down, it's always good to keep a notepad on hand. You never know when you'll need to make a list or write down something important like your gate change. (BTW: they changed our gate three times in twenty minutes on my last flight.)

5. Blanket Scarf. Seriously, this trend was meant for travellers. It's simple: planes are cold. The blankets they provide are flimsy. Giant scarves look great and keep you warm & cozy. A no-brainer. 

6. Passport/Boarding Pass Wallet. I had to take three planes to get home, which means I had three boarding passes to keep track of as soon as I stepped foot in the first airport. Not to mention all the new boarding passes they issued when our gate changed all those times. I never want to be the person holding up the line because I'm fishing my documents out of the bottom of my handbag. 

7. Powder compact. I don't always wear makeup on travel days but a little powder can go a long way toward making you feel pretty when you've been in the air for hours. I always feel best when my skin looks healthy and I've hidden the dark circles that always appear under my eyes after a few too many hours en route.

8. Makeup Bags for Liquids and Gels. Does this even need an explanation? I don't think so. The limitation on the amount of hair and beauty products you can bring on a plane is a serious challenge for me, but at least this way I can carry my essentials in style instead of ziplock.

9. Lip Balm. I think that if I had to pick just one of these items, it would be lip balm. There's nothing worse than being stuck in a dry zone with sore chapped lips. I've even contemplated putting moisturizer on my lips in order to soothe the pain when I've run out of lip balm, but so far I've managed to control myself.