Last Minute Travel Checklist

travel checklist

As many of you know from some recent posts, I am on my way to Mexico on Monday! I love love love travel, but I hate hate hate packing. No matter how many adventures I go on, I always get stressed out the week before I leave trying to remember all the little things on my pre-travel to-do list. I never forget to shop for a swimsuit or make sure I have enough mascara in the tube, but I always forget the really important things. The business-of-life things as I like to call them.

When I last got on a plane I forgot to checkin before-hand from home and then there was a massive car accident that closed the highway around the airport. I arrived ONE minute after checkin had closed and they wouldn't let me print my boarding pass! I had to watch my plane take off and buy a whole second ticket in order to make it to my first day of grad school on time. 

Needless to say I will be printing my boarding pass from home on Sunday night. 

And in order to prevent any repeats of Aircanadagate 2015, I have made this handy checklist to help us all (mostly me) remember those little things we're bound to forget in the excitement of adventuring.


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I'm hoping to be blogging from Mexico but we'll see how strong the wifi is and how many margaritas I drink! Maybe one day I'll be one of those bloggers who pre-schedules lots of posts to go up while I'm on holiday... But I think I'll need a whole other checklist for that!