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Netflix and Chill Essentials

Netflix and Chill Essentials


When the weather is cold and rainy like it's been lately, there's nothing better than a cozy night at home. "Netflix and Chill" has become a popular expression for a reason! Since I work so much from home, it's easy for my workday to spill over into the evening. Once a week I like to pick an evening where make a point to turn off my computer, log off social media, and have a relaxing night to myself. Here are my "Netflix and Chill" Essentials. 

1. A Special Drink

Usually I pour myself a glass of red wine or mix myself a simple cocktail, but sometimes I go for a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate. There's something about having a mug of something warm or a nice glass of wine in my hands that makes me instantly more relaxed. 

2. Takeout

Ordering takeout is my extra-special treat so I don't do this every time I have a night in, but it's one of my favourite things so it has to go on this list! There's something so luxurious about having food cooked for me and delivered right to my door. Where I grew up there really were no takeout options other than pizza and, even though I've lived in Toronto for almost ten years, the novelty of ordering Thai or Indian food still hasn't worn off. Ordering takeout turns a normal night into a special occasion! 

3. Comfy Clothes

Comfort is an absolute essential when it comes time to relax. The workday is officially over when I can take off my jeans and change into some cozy pyjamas. I was recently introduced to Adore Me sleepwear and I love how cute and cozy their sets are. I'm really in need of some new winter pyjamas and have my eye on this set.

4. A Bit of Pampering

Whether it's painting my nails or doing a facemask, I like to make the most of my time in front of the TV. It's nice to take a little time to do a little something I know will make me feel good in the morning. I love waking up with a new coat of nail polish or extra fresh-feeling skin and a Netflix and Chill night is the perfect time to incorporate some pampering. 

Those are my essentials for the perfect date-night with Netflix! I finally finished watching both The Good Wife and Once Upon A Time and am in need of a new show. What do you recommend? And what are your Netflix and Chill Essentials? 

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