Where to Find FREE Stock Photos

One question I see coming up a lot in some of my blogger Facebook groups is: Where can I find free stock photos?!

I had the exact same question not long ago and, after a whole bunch of Googling, I'm happy to say I've found some great resources to share with you all. 

I can't fully explain how important it is to me to comply with all copyright regulations when creating content online. Not just because it's the law, but because I know how awful I would feel if I discovered someone had stolen my intellectual properly. Writing is hard, there's no doubt about it, and I would be crushed if someone stole my hard work and creativity to pass it off as their own. So needless to say, it's incredibly important to me that all the images on my blog not photographed by me personally are in the public domain. 

AND, since I mostly found my stock photo resources through posts by other bloggers, I'm going to link right back to the original sources that first helped me out when I was searching for stock photos. 

Here are a few of the lists I've bookmarked and reference whenever I'm looking for beautiful images. 

21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos - Bootstrap Bay : This is the first stock photo resource I found and it was a game changer! Some of the resources they list are better than others so I'll let you know that Stocksnap and Unsplash are two of my favs. 

18 Places for FREE Girly and Styled Stock Photos AND 14 *More Places for FREE Styled and Chic Stock Photos - Twins Mommy: Most of the resources listed in these two blog posts require you to sign up to the photographer's email list. I was a little hesitant since I get too many emails as it is, but now I get new stock photos delivered straight to my inbox whenever the creator has something new to share! One of my favourites is Twiggy Posts who sends three new photos every month which I add to a "Stock Photos" folder on my computer and use when needed. 

Where to Find the Best Free Stock Photos AND 10 More Websites for Free Stock Photos - Design Instruct: Some of the sites listed here require subscription, while other's done. A few of these are also on the Bootstrap Bay list, but they've got plenty of new resources as well and provide sample images from each of the sites they suggest. 

Do you have any stock photos resources to share? Let me know in the comments!