Reasons To Travel Alone

When I first started travelling, the idea of solo travel wasn't anywhere in the realm of possibility. I'll be honest: deep down I think I was scared by the idea of heading away from home all by myself. 

But travel has always been a big love of mine and, when I was twenty, I was itching to go to on an adventure. It so happened at the time that none of my friends or family were able to go with me. I quickly realized that I didn't want to be dependent on others to make my dreams happen. I found a great deal online and impulse-purchased a plane ticket to Paris! That summer I set of on my first solo adventure and I have to say, it's one of the BEST things I've ever done! 

Below are three reasons why I think everyone should travel alone at least once in their life! 


1. It Builds Your Confidence - This is definitely my number one reason for travelling alone. Like I said, I was scared to travel by myself. I'd never really done anything on my own before without a major support system. Travelling alone gave me confidence, not just in my ability to navigate a foreign country, but in my self. I built a healthier relationship with myself on that trip and I learned to enjoy my own company. I grew so much more independent and realized that I am a lot braver and stronger than I thought I was. That confidence and independence has translated into all aspects of my life, even when I'm not traveling. 

2. You're More Likely To Meet New People - It's true that you can always meet new people even if you're travelling with friends but, in my experience, you're much less likely to take the risk of introducing yourself to a stranger if you're already travelling with a social circle. Whenever I do anything alone, whether it's traveling, going out for a drink, or checking out a gallery, I always end up meeting the most interesting people. Every. Single. Time. We're not always destined to be best friends forever, but meeting new people is always a mind-opening experience. Travelling alone pushed me to make new connections and it's always easy to find other solo travellers looking for a little company. 

3. You Can Do More - Whenever I've travelled alone, I've been able to see and do so much more than when I've travelled with friends. Being able to move at my own pace and make my schedule for the day without having to factor in anyone else has allowed me to pack a lot more into my solo vacations. Of course I also love travelling with friends and I don't mind compromising or moving at a slower pace if it suits my companion, but a bonus of solo travel is being able to pack lots more into the itinerary. 

Travelling alone has given me some of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. If you're a little afraid like I was, I hope I've given you a little boost to consider taking a solo adventure. It's definitely intimidating at first, but the confidence you'll get and the new experiences you'll have will make it more than worth it!