October Reading List

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Now that I've read everything on my September Reading List it's time to move on and chose some books for October! Last month, all the books on my list were for school so I'm excited to read for fun without having to write an assignment on any of these picks!  

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins - I don't usually read a lot of thrillers, but I loved Gone Girl and it got me keen to explore more of the genre. I keep hearing that The Girl on the Train is the next must-read for any fan of Gone Girl so it's at the top of my list. Plus, the trailers for the film adaptation with Emily Blunt look great and I really want to read the book before I see the movie.

The Creation of Anne Boleyn: A New Look At England's Most Notorious Queen by Susan Bordo - It's no secret to blog readers that I love nonfiction, but you may not know that I'm a big fan of Tudor history and am totally fascinated by Anne Boleyn. I was first introduced to her life and character through popular fiction like The Tudors and The Other Boleyn Girl, and although I've listened to some historical podcasts about her life, I've never read a complete biography. This one in particular seems interesting because it promises to separate the facts from the popular fictions to figure out who this woman really was. 

Breakfast At Tiffany's by Truman Capote - I just finished reading In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and was blown away by the writing. I now want to read everything Truman Capote has ever written, and since I love the classic Audrey Hepburn movie based on this novella, it seemed only natural that it be the next of his books on my list. Like I said, I usually try and read the book before seeing the movie but for some reason I missed the boat on this one! 

What's on your reading list this month? Do you read the book first or see the movie?