Eye-Catching: January 2016

Winter has finally come to Toronto. Today is the first really cold day with the temperature significantly below zero. After a mild start to the season I can no longer put off taking my winter parka and snow boots out of storage. So in honour of this cold weather, I've collected some beautiful winter coats that will keep you warm in style.

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Colour blocking is really trendy lately, and I love that they do it here with neutrals so this coat will match your entire wardrobe. Loose cuts like this are also really in style this season which is perfect for winter layering.

My mom recently found an old shearling coat of mine in the back of her closet that I'm hoping will still fit me. If not, this one from Anthropologie is a beautiful alternative. Plus it's reversible which really appeals to a girl like me who wants to be frugal, and practical, AND have a giant wardrobe all at the same time.

Whenever a salesperson at Club Monaco tries to hand me something tweed I joke that I'm only twenty-five! There will be plenty of time for tweed in my adult future... but there was something about this red coat that caught my eye. The colour and the cut make it feel youthful and gives a fun twist on a fabric I usually neglect.

That black Calvin Klein number follows a similar cut but it's much more neutral and the little bit of fancy trim makes it more interesting than your average black coat. Bonus: it's majorly on sale!

I love the forest green of this first jacket, and I love the big pockets, the leather details, and the colour contrast between the coat and the faux fur on the hood. I'm very into hoods in the winter since I can't always fit a toque over my hairstyle.

Last but not least we have a vision in camel. This would be a great transition jacket for those late winter days. It's beautifully simple without being the slightest bit boring.

Keep warm this winter and remember: only three more months until spring!