Entering Phase Two

Our MFA Publishing Residency is officially over and it feels like the second semester of grad school has really begun. I come out of these residencies with a full mind and a whole bunch of feelings. I'm sad it's over, but happy to be back in my normal routine. I feel motivated, inspired, and overwhelmed (in a good way).

At the end of every residency I feel this huge push of motivation to take my writing to the next level. And after a week of talking about the writing business it's nice to be back at my desk doing some actual writing. 

One of the big take-aways from this week on publishing was how large and complex this industry really is. There are so many factors in the book business that have nothing to do with the actual writing. It was eye opening to get a glimpse into the worlds of marketing, book design, contracts, copyright, agents, and sales... so many factors make a difference in whether or not your book makes it off your computer, onto a store shelf, and into the hands of readers. 

It's fascinating and daunting all at once. 

I'm thrilled to have gotten in introduction into the industry, and I'm motivated to get more involved in the literary community here in Toronto. At the same time, I'm also trying to stay focused and grounded. As all of our guests reiterated: content is key. Nothing else matters without good writing and a good book at the centre of it all. 

So I'm going to focus a little more on platform building and networking this semester, but Phase Two will still mostly be about writing the best book I possibly can.

And with that, I leave the internet for today and move on to Chapter 4!