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Back In The Classroom

Back In The Classroom

This week writers of all kinds are converging on Toronto for our MFA Publishing Residency! I'm hoping to keep up with the blog this week, but I might fall a little of track as I jump into the world of learning about book contracts, agents, marketing, and (most terrifyingly) pitching! And besides all that, I've got to set aside some quality time to catch up with all my writing friends who I don't get to see regularly. 

Our reunion was a wonderful series of hugs, handshakes, and "how is your book going?"s. (Yeah I know you can't pluralize a question mark, much less an apostrophe but just go with me.) 

It's so inspiring and motivating to be back in a room with 35 other people who all love books as much as I do, and who are all going through the same wonderful adventure. 

I could go on and on about all my fascinating classmates and the amazing books they're writing that I am desperate to read, but instead of boring you all with endless gushing, I thought I'd just put up some links to their own websites or blogs so you can get excited about reading their upcoming books too.

Serious Disclaimer: I don't have the internet info for everyone in my program, so this is a very short abridged version with the links I have currently. Feel free to post a link in the comments to your website or blog if you're reading this and I didn't have your info to include.

In no order whatsoever, I'm please to introduce you to some of my classmates:

Karalee is a woman on an adventure. After a divorce, selling her house, and quitting her job she took a leap and moved across the country to the Maritimes. Follow her adventures here:

JoAnn is writing about the anti-Baha'i prejudice and persecution in Iran. Find her blog here:

Nadya's book The Unlikely Rebel is about her great-grandfather and his work as an anti-apartheid freedom fighter in South Africa. Read her blog here:

Erin is writing Burnt: A Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce which chronicles her journey after divorce through cooking and food. Check out her contributions to at

MJ is a travel and lifestyle writer who's work is all about discovering the world one small pleasure at a time and learning to live a happier, more mindful life.

Pamela's book Eat Your Heart Out: A Social History of Emotional Eating is all about our love/hate relationship with that life sustaining wonder: food. Check out her blog:

Terry is writing Wheels: The Great Mechanics Who Made It Happen 1895-1928 all about the birth of the automobile.



Chill Out

Chill Out