Chill Out

I am exhausted. 

This picture makes me calm.

This picture makes me calm.

So exhausted that I can't imagine having anything interesting or insightful or witty to write about ever again. 

Can you tell I get dramatic under stress?

I live my life in hyperboles. I'm never tired, I'm only exhausted. I'm never happy, I'm only SO HAPPY!!! 

So this roller-coaster week I've been having has really taken its toll. I need to learn to Chill-The-F***-out! Why haven't I been doing my meditation or my yoga this week when I need it most? It's easy to take care of yourself when life is simple and you're on top of everything, but when things around me fall to pieces I totally lose my internal zen. 

On Tuesday afternoon I stood in the middle of my kitchen, pulled my hair over my eyes in an attempt to escape reality, and declared: "I NEED A BURRITO!" 

I also needed banana bread, pizza, bourbon, and chocolate at various times this week. But the truth is that nothing in my life is really all that terrible, I'm just not handling it very well for some reason. 

So this is the official end of my pity party, and the official start of my get-your-sh*t-together party.

If anyone has any advice about staying cool under pressure drop me a note in the comments.